‘Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc’ release window, trailer, and more

‘Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc’ release window, trailer, and more

Everyone’s favorite musclebound superhero is making his triumphant return to the small screen after many many years.

Kinnikuman, a gem from the 80s, is a titan in the sprawling Japanese pop culture. Originally hitting the shelves and subsequently TV screens in the early 80s, this series about a bumbling, farting, and often clueless superhero turned wrestler has captured hearts far and wide. As one of the best-selling series, it set a precedent for character development and serialized storytelling in sports and action genres. The franchise’s ability to blend humor with heartfelt moments of triumph and defeat helped establish a blueprint followed by countless other series.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Kinnikuman anime, and what better way to celebrate than with the release of Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc? It’s based on a manga continuation that started in 2011 and has already expanded to over 200 chapters. This makes it the longest arc in the series’ history.

Where and when to watch Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc?

The anime series “Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc” NOW PLAYING on Netflix pic.twitter.com/Rpeb6PUFY4

— Netflix Anime (@NetflixAnime) July 8, 2024

The debut episode of Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc has already premiered in Japan on July 7 and was broadcast on CBC and TBS. For fans around the world, Netflix is streaming the episodes. Starting from July 8, new episodes are released weekly, just a day after they air in Japan. So, no matter where you are, you can follow Kinnikuman’s latest battles and stories almost in real time.

The team behind the magic

The new “Kinnikuman” TV anime is scheduled to begin in 2024 and will adapt the Perfect Origin Arc, animation production: Production I.G.

Director: Akira Sato
Series Composition: Makoto Fukami
Character Design: Hirotaka Marufuji
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi

New visual: https://t.co/rKcKeDYNL3

— Anime News by AIR (@AIR_News01) September 28, 2023

The latest series is in good hands, with Akira Sato directing and Makoto Fukami writing the scripts. Hirotaka Marufuji is responsible for the character designs, bringing a fresh look while staying true to the original style. Music by Yasuharu Takanashi, combined with the energetic opening theme LOVE & JUSTICE performed by Takanashi and FLOW, sets the perfect tone for the series, mixing nostalgia with new energy.

Here is the list of the main cast members:

Atsushi Tamaru as Specialman

Wataru Komada as Canadianman

Kodai Inaoka as Tileman

Kentaro Tone as Currycook

Masayuki Kato as Benkiman

Hideo Ishikawa as Knock

Tetsuya Yanagihara as Kazuo Nakano

Eriko Kadokura as Kimiko Nakano

What is the anime about?

After winning the title of the 58th Great King of Kinnikusei and saying goodbye to his fighting days, Kinnikuman thought he had settled down for a peaceful life. He returned to his home planet, got married and was ready to enjoy some quiet time. But peace didn’t last long. About a year and a half later, two new wrestling groups, Perfect Large Numbers and Perfect Origin, popped up and shook things up.

They challenged the established wrestlers to prove who was the strongest in new tournaments. Now, Kinnikuman and his friends, like Terryman and Robin Mask, have to get back in the ring. The story dives into how they handle these new challenges and how their friendships and values are tested against these powerful new foes.

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