Is Cameron Mathison leaving ‘General Hospital?’

Is Cameron Mathison leaving ‘General Hospital?’

Cameron Mathison, the charismatic actor who breathes life into Drew Cain on General Hospital, has been causing quite a stir among the show’s fans. Rumors swirled like soap suds in a drain when news broke that Mathison might be leaving GH to host a new show for the Game Show Network called Beat the Bridge. The burning question on everyone’s mind? Will Drew Cain be saying goodbye to Port Charles?

A Hallmark heartthrob

Cameron Mathison’s daytime career took off in 1998 when he snagged the role of Ryan Lavery on All My Children. His undeniable charm and acting chops made him a fan favorite. In 2023, Mathison found himself signing a deal with Great American Family, and leaving Hallmark after starring in eight movies based on the Murder, She Baked! novel series alongside Alison Sweeney.

Meanwhile, Mathison became Drew Cain on General Hospital two years before this, appearing for the first time on Aug. 16th, 2021. The character was first portrayed by Billy Miller before the role of the long-lost twin brother of Jason Morgan (played by Steve Burton) was picked up by Cameron Mathison. 

Is Drew Cain leaving Port Charles? 

In early April, Mathison took to Instagram to share the news that he would be hosting Beat the Bridge, a trivia game show for the Game Show Network (GSN) to premiere in 2024. The show features an enormous interactive bridge, and contestants must cross it by stepping on the correct answers to challenging trivia questions. Each step forward earns money for the team, with bonus rewards for successful crossings.

Mathison’s post read, “I’ve been waiting to share this for a while! This summer I’ll be hosting Beat The Bridge on @gameshownetwork! So excited for you all to see it and so grateful to be a part of the GSN family.” 

Exciting as this news was for Mathison’s fans, it also left many General Hospital watchers confused as to what would happen to Drew Cain. The soap opera has a long history of parting ways with its longtime cast members. Luckily, Mathison had a quick reply to give. “Got some questions about how this affects *General Hospital*… it doesn’t! I already shot Beat The Bridge last year, so Drew isn’t going anywhere.” And so, the good news is that  Drew Cain’s heart-wrenching storyline is far from over, and we’re here for every emotional twist.

The future of Drew (Quartermaine) Cain

When Drew arrived at Port Charles in 2014 he took a path completely separate from Jason’s. However, his life took a dark turn when he got entangled in Shiloh’s schemes. Seemingly killed in a plane crash orchestrated by Peter August, Drew was later revealed to be alive, held captive by Shiloh under hypnosis. More mysteries followed — the disappearance, the memory chip, and the elusive Kim Nero.

After surviving all these, and even managing to clinch a Congress seat while at it, Drew Cain’s tumultuous journey now centers around matters of the heart. In 2022, he embarked on a relationship with Carly, but their love story met its end in 2024 when Jason miraculously returned from the dead. Drew understood that Carly’s loyalty would forever lie with Jason. However, there might be a new spark in Drew’s life — his connection with Willow Corinthos. Their recent kiss hints at a potential romance brewing between them. Love triangles, quadrangles, and emotional entanglements continue to shape Drew’s path. Will a new love interest sweep him off his feet and fill the void left by Carly? However it goes, Drew Cain — and Cameron Mathison — is here to stay.

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