‘He’s gotten away with ruining so many lives’: Donald Trump’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein comes back under fire following fresh evidence

‘He’s gotten away with ruining so many lives’: Donald Trump’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein comes back under fire following fresh evidence

Warning: This article contains mention of sexual assault in relation to minors, please proceed with caution.

New documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein have recently been released, and the story they tell indicates that Donald Trump might have been closer with the New York financier than previously thought.

We already knew that Trump’s name had appeared in court documents released in January, however, an article from the BBC reports that more documents were recently released. The transcripts unsealed at the beginning of July relate to the 2006 West Palm Beach prosecution of Epstein. According to Times of India, Trump’s name appears numerous times in the transcripts, showing that the former president called the financier regularly between 2004 and 2006. The outlet cites a post to X by user @MailePRMedia as the source for the news.

Prior to marrying Melania in January 2005, Trump was calling Jeffrey Epstein in 2004 on the regular.

We see Donalds phone messages in the West Palm Beach indictment of Epstein, released today. His messages are in between girls calling to confirm “massage appointments” and… pic.twitter.com/eUeTWLq0lZ

— Maile (@MailePRMedia) July 2, 2024

The post to X shows calls made between Trump and Epstein. Although there was some doubt over whether this was new information or not, the pictures shared cannot be found in the transcript documents that were released at the beginning of the month. However, Maile clarified in a post the next day that the evidence was sealed after “Alex Acosta’s sweetheart deal for Jeffrey Epstein.” This isn’t so hard to believe, considering Trump does like to surround himself with groomers.

More accusations relating to Donald Trump were shared on X

California Rep. Ted Lieu also commented on the news, criticizing the media’s lack of coverage surrounding the recent news. Talking about the recently released files, Lieu said, “Donald Trump’s all over this.” He drew attention to #TrumpPedoFiles, which is currently trending on X with over 250,000 posts at the time of writing.

BREAKING: Representative Ted Lieu just exposed Donald Trump for repeatedly being in the latest Epstein filings. Trump flew with Epstein, called all the time, and took countless photos with him. Retweet so every American knows Trump was besties with Epstein.pic.twitter.com/JRJvkl2pcK

— Biden’s Wins (@BidensWins) July 9, 2024

But what’s going on with that hashtag? It’s been seeing some real attention as of late, with numerous allegations of sexual assault being levied against Trump. According to an article from Newsweek, a post went viral on X accusing him of forcing young girls to “perform lesbian sex acts.” However, this information does not come from the Epstein transcript released last week, but rather from a lawsuit filed in 2016 by an unnamed plaintiff using the name “Katie Johnson.”

The almost decade old lawsuit claims that Trump and Epstein held Johnson captive as a “sex slave” in 1994. The case was dismissed before being filed again, and then withdrawn and filed once more before ultimately being dropped. All we know for sure about this accusation is that it isn’t new information, but the recent documents are causing people to look at it a bit more closely now.

Another post on X under the hashtag provides a supposed list of Trump victims all between the ages of 10 and 13. 

The only age issue the media SHOULD be concentrating on is 12.

That seems to be the average age of the children donald trump raped.#TrumpPedoFiles pic.twitter.com/qUASpd0z5d

— Roger ZenAF (@RogerZenAF) July 8, 2024

Yet again, this doesn’t seem to be related to the recent court documents that were unsealed. The source for this list is also pretty sketchy — and that’s being kind. It’s difficult to verify any of these accusations. As for the recent unsealed documents, they certainly suggest that there was something more going on between Trump and Epstein, but that’s all we can say for sure.

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