GTA 6 fans are going stir crazy waiting for Trailer 2 as pointless backwards trailer becomes hit

GTA 6 fans are going stir crazy waiting for Trailer 2 as pointless backwards trailer becomes hit

This looks a bit off… (Reddit)

A very simple edit of the GTA 6 trailer has become so popular on Reddit that fans admit they’re starved for content, pleading for Rockstar to release Trailer 2.

When the first trailer for GTA 6 came out in December last year it quickly became the most popular video game trailer ever, and sparked huge fanfare on social media, where fans combed through every last frame of the 90-second video.

Although Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 6 is coming out in autumn 2025, the developer has been impassively quiet about everything else, eight months after the first trailer came out.

This has lead to a vacuum where fans are starved for new content, which has become especially evident on Reddit, where a simple mirrored copy of the trailer has become one of the most popular posts in months.

The post is titled ‘I mirrored the trailer to give it a fresh look,’ and the video, as seen below, does nothing more than flip the picture.

It has still managed to get 2,100 upvotes, but fans in the comment section are brutally honest about how absurd the GTA 6 subreddit has become.

‘We so deprived of content we just be doing anything to make the trailer fresh again,’ says FirefighterFew.

‘We are actually f***** if we are mirroring trailers to feel something new,’ Lewis says.

‘Rockstar gotta release something new soon. It’s been so long we’ve run out of ideas. The video is really cool though,’ says Hoolias.

One fan, Harry Court, succinctly describes just how desperate fans are for the second GTA 6 trailer to be released, saying, ‘Rockstar, drop T2, we are losing our minds here.’

Since the first trailer came out and the initial hype faded, the GTA 6 subreddit has had nothing new things to discuss, with very few leaks in recent months either.

The content posted is dominated by the occasional memes and fans asking other fans what they think about small details from the trailer they’ve already discussed.

There are, however, some great content from external sources that are shared, like the many funny remakes of the trailer, including one using the cast from GTA 5.

One fan also noticed that an item used in the GTA 6 trailer is now available in GTA Online, which sparked new conspiracy theories about the exact release date.

These gems are far and few between, however, and the only remedy is simply for Rockstar to release Trailer 2.

A fan added Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to the GTA 6 trailer (Picture: YouTube)

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