Greyhound Racing NSW CEO steps down after allegations of animal abuse

Greyhound Racing NSW CEO steps down after allegations of animal abuse

The chief executive of Greyhound Racing NSW has resigned following damning allegations of animal abuse.

Greyhound Racing NSW’s former chief veterinary officer Alex Brittan alleged in a letter to racing bosses that dogs were suffering a massive rise in injuries and claimed deaths were being hidden from the public, according to the Sydney Morning Herald

Hours after the allegations came to light today, chief executive Robert Macaulay tendered his resignation to the Greyhound Racing NSW board. 

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“Macaulay’s decision to resign was an amicable one, and one he felt was best for the industry at this time,” the regulator said.

“The Board wishes to acknowledge his service and leadership of the organisation over the last two years.

“Macaulay helped reform the organisation, and the industry’s culture, during his tenure.

“He oversaw the industry’s rehoming program, along with new welfare and safety initiatives.”

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Deputy chief executive officer Wayne Billett will move into the role of acting CEO effective immediately, as the board searches for a full-time replacement.

The former chief vet for Greyhound Racing NSW alleged in an exit document that the racing body’s “internal stance and attitude to indentured animal welfare concerns is reprehensible”.

“Until the existing backlog of un-rehomed greyhounds is acknowledged and addressed, it is utterly immoral to allow yet more greyhounds to enter this unsustainable morass of exploitation and suffering,” the document read.

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