‘Even the horse is tired of police’: Professional steed theatrically throws in the towel on his day job

‘Even the horse is tired of police’: Professional steed theatrically throws in the towel on his day job

Being a police officer seems like hard work, but being a police horse is probably even harder — running around all day while carrying someone on your back isn’t exactly a dream job but some animals have got to do it.

One police horse in Montreal decided that walking the beat clearly wasn’t the life for him. A video on TikTok shows mounted police galloping through the city, although you’ll want to pay attention to a horse near the back who seems to slip and have a rather dramatic fall, throwing off the officer on his back. The horse gets up pretty quickly and carries on without his rider, and thankfully it looks like he wasn’t too hurt by the fall.


Police horse, loses control, while climbing up McGill University #montréal

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That’s one way to quit a job you don’t like. “Even the horse is tired of Police lol,” quipped one commenter. Hopefully, the horse was able to retire or find a new line of work outside law enforcement. The incident occurred sometime around the beginning of May, based on when it was uploaded to TikTok. It seems likely that the police were responding to the pro-Palestinian protests that were taking place at McGill University. Similar protests were going on across university campuses across the US and other countries at the time.

Anyway, it’s unclear whether the officer and the horse sustained any serious injuries, but there aren’t any reports from around that time covering the incident so hopefully that means both the horse and the officer were all right. Perhaps this relates to the horse uprising that’s happening over the pond in the UK. In the last few months, the number of royal horse-related incidents seems to have increased with more than one instance of horses running crazily in the streets of London.

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