Do we know the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 20 episode 11 release date?

Do we know the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 20 episode 11 release date?

Grey’s Anatomy packs a lot into each scene, and we want to know when we’ll get to watch another wild episode.

We got drawn into every scene of Grey’s Anatomy season 20, whether getting to know this group of interns better, or being impressed with Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) incredible research. Being a Grey’s fan means having questions all the time, from Pompeo’s involvement, to how all the juicy plotlines are going to come to an exciting conclusion. Since we’ve been lucky enough to get so many seasons so far, when are we going to catch up with Meredith and the other main characters next?

Will Grey’s Anatomy season 20 episode 11 air soon?

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According to, the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike that started in the spring of 2023 and lasted until early fall 2023 meant a briefer season of the hospital-set drama. Grey’s Anatomy season 20, episode 10, “Burn It Down,” was the last episode of the season. It would be great news if the season was longer and if we could see more of Meredith and the others… but that just wasn’t possible. There is no episode 11 yet to air, and no more episodes this season. Season 20 is over, sad to say.

If you’re going to have such a brief season, you’re going to need to deliver a picture-perfect season finale, and that’s exactly what episode 10, which had one jaw-dropping scene after another, did. A solid season finale will give us more than a few questions that we want the next episode to answer, and that was definitely the case here. We don’t even know if we’ll see our beloved doctors back at Grey Sloan, which is the most pressing problem of all.

For those of us disappointed that we didn’t get to watch more than 10 episodes of our favorite show, we’ll be happy to know that, as Deadline reported, Grey’s Anatomy season 21 is going to have 18 episodes. Since many past seasons of Grey’s Anatomy have 22 or 24 episodes, this is in keeping with tradition. We never want to wish long summer days away, but we’ll be glad when Fall 2024 gets here and we can watch the next season.

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