Brisbane family barricaded doors during alleged home invasion

Brisbane family barricaded doors during alleged home invasion

Police are investigating after more than eight suburbs were targetted by teenagers in an alleged crime spree across Brisbane.

Police allege a group is responsible for multiple home invasions and stolen cars across three days.

Morningside mother Robyn Sinclair claimed she was forced to hide in her bedroom with her young children during a home invasion this morning.

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“They came through the house, screaming for keys, they were looking for our cars,” Sinclair said.

“My children and my husband and I were barricaded inside our bedroom, leaning up against the door trying to stop them from kicking the door down,” she claimed.

“There was a lot of force used to the point the door jam was broken, the door handle lock had been pulled out of the wall.”

Sinclair said her family called the police.

“We kept screaming at the intruders that the police were on the way hoping that would deter them.

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”If anything, it just egged them on.”

The alleged intruders eventually left as police officers arrived.

Police believe homes in up to eight Brisbane suburbs were targeted in the past few days – potentially all of them by the same group. 

Footage captured in recent days showed teenagers allegedly breaking into a home in Sunnybank, scaling a fence at Paddington, and forcing entry to a MacGregor home.

“It’s sad that we feel like we have to put ourselves on high alert,” Sinclair said.

The Brisbane mother said her family believes the alleged home invasion was opportunistic.

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