‘Baby girl can SING’: Former party girl turned auntie breaks into tears at the sheer talent of her little niece

‘Baby girl can SING’: Former party girl turned auntie breaks into tears at the sheer talent of her little niece

There’s nothing we aunties won’t do for the little nuggets our loved ones bring into the world, and no one encapsulates the sheer joy of that beautiful connection better than TikTok aunt Rissa.

Shared to the app by Rissa’s bestie and our new favorite singer’s mama, Shelby, a brief clip of the beautiful relationship between auntie and niece rapidly pulled in millions of views. In the 33-second upload, Shelby’s talented little one can be seen entertaining a room full of captivated adults, and even bringing one to tears.

Sporting a sleek and stylish set of PJs that match the pink and white ones worn by her aunties, the little star in the making stands in front of the TV and belts out the lyrics to “People” from Funny Girl. She blows the performance out of the water — particularly since she can’t be more than six years old — and no one appreciates it more than Rissa, a woman our little celebrity’s mom apparently “used to pop bottles in club with,” but now sports matching PJs while she openly weeps at a child’s performance.

Its honestly one of the most charming moments you’ll see for awhile, particularly as you watch Rissa’s heart absolutely melt at the sight of her little niece’s clear talent. Her adoration of the little girl is written across her face, and the clearly loving family tiny Streisand will grow up with was widely praised by commenters.

As was little Streisand herself. Viewers absolutely gushed over the exceedingly talented mini human, praising her dedication — “NO CAUSE YOUR DAUGHTER’S GOING TO BE ON BROADWAY!!!” — and her shockingly powerful voice — “girl your little lady is TALENTED.”

Quite a few people urged Shelby to find her daughter an agent ASAP, so they can get started on making her a star. There are few in the comments who don’t predict a bright future for the talented little singer, and hundreds of people are already looking forward to her big screen or on-stage debut.

Their predictions are almost certain to come true, particularly given how talented the Broadway lover already is. Our voices change as we age, and with vocal training and maturity, the small singer is only likely to get better. A girl’s voice typically starts to stabilize around 10, and with dedication from Shelby, her little one, and a vocal coach it will only get easier to train from there.

Which makes all those Broadway predictions more valid. If she’s already this talented, how skilled will she be once she’s a bit older? Other videos posted to Shelby’s page show that her kiddo is already working to learn breathing techniques to improve her endurance, and with so much growing yet to come, we’re sure to be even more dazzled in just a few years.

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