Who is Jane Doe and when will she be available in Zenless Zone Zero?

Who is Jane Doe and when will she be available in Zenless Zone Zero?

Jane Doe has piqued Zenless Zone Zero fans’ interest (YouTube)

One of the characters from the Zenless Zone Zero trailer has already become a fan favourite, despite not being in the game yet, but she will be available soon.

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo seems to have another smash hit on their hands, with the newly released Zenless Zone Zero, a free-to-play action role-player that has been downloaded 50 million times in just two days after its launch.

The official release trailer showcased a handful of characters, but not all of them were released at the same time as the game.

One of the characters that has particuarly caught fans’ eyes is one that has been nicknamed Jane Doe, or Mouse Girl, and leaks help paint a picture of what she can do and when she’ll be available in Zenless Zone Zero.

Jane Doe release date and gameplay features

Zenless Zone Zero’s Jane Doe is a tall woman with dark hair, and shown with mouse-like ears and a long tail, which is why fans have nicknamed her Mouse Girl.

Her appearance in the trailer, as seen below at 1 minute and 27 seconds, is very brief but she uses her tail to attack the enemy instead of guns. It also appears that she has a gadget on the top of her tail, which works as a sharp weapon.

Jane Doe is a S-Rank Physical Anomaly type character, which means she’ll specialise in debuffs, according to a leak on the Zenless Zone Zero subreddit.

Another leak on Twitter, by Mero, says that Jane Doe comes with a special skill called Air Grab, where she leaps into the air and continuously kicks the enemy.

The leak also states that Jane Doe can enter a Frenzy state, where her damage andcrit rate increases, and a dodge move that lets her move through units.

Unfortunately there is no official release date for Jane Doe, however rumours on social media believe that she will make her debut in Zenless Zone Zero with update 1.1.

Exactly when that will be released is unknown, but miYoHo has a track record of releasing updates every six weeks for its flagship titles, which could mean Jane Doe will become available at some point in the middle of August.

It’s also not officially known what her name will be, as Jane Doe and Mouse Girl are just nickname based on her anonymity and appearance.

What will Jane Doe’s real name be? (YouTube)

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