Oops, she won’t do it again: Britney Spears is in her single era, and fans are lovin’ it

Oops, she won’t do it again: Britney Spears is in her single era, and fans are lovin’ it

Britney Spears is a force to be reckoned with. Spears grew up in the spotlight, and her personal life has been on the first page of every magazine, but now she is taking her power back and doing it on her terms. Especially her dating situation.

Britney Spears became famous in the late ’90s with her smash hit “Baby One More Time.” She became the poster child for pop as she became the “Princess of Pop,” and nothing was off limits. People weighed in about who she was dating, the message she was sending to young girls, her appearance, the way she was parenting her small children, and everything else. This led to a very public — yet completely understandable — mental breakdown, that ended with her being in a conservatorship for over a decade.

Now that Britney is finally free and enjoying her life, she has also clarified where she stands on dating, and, honestly, we get it.

Britney Spears addresses her relationship status

In a new post on Instagram, Britney Spears let everyone know she is in her single era. The post, which shows a quote reading, “Her attitude is savage, but her heart is gold,” came with the caption, “Single as f**k!!! I will never be with another man as long as I live!!!” Unfortunately, Britney decided to edit the caption out, but her relationship status still stands.

Fans reacted to her news, and all of them showed their support for her choice. Britney Spears has had several hardships in her life, and, since her divorce from her Sam Asghari, she could definitely use a break, enjoy her freedom, and her access to her own wealth.

as she should

— ໊ (@buffys) July 8, 2024

I mean do we blame her.. I don’t cause same

— BOTTEGA VENETA (@sperofthemoment) July 8, 2024

Oh Godney ended men!

— Luca (@lustforlifestan) July 8, 2024

Fans in the comments couldn’t help but note that Britney could use an “amazing woman.” Britney has been an icon to the LGBTQ+ community, which she has publicly supported numerous times. However, as for her sexual orientation, for all we know, Britney is straight. That didn’t stop fans from wishing she would find a female partner.

Girl, find yourself an amazing woman.

I did and I’m never looking back towards men

Happy for Britney. She’s been through enough without a guy causing drama or trying to get a payout!

— Dogs Dogs More Dogs (@DogsDogsMoreDog) July 8, 2024

britney poppin out with a woman would be dope actually

— ladidai (@ladidaix) peep lincolnbio (@ladidaix) July 9, 2024

A look at Britney Spears’ exes

Image via Britney Spears/Instagram.

As mentioned, since her early years, Britney Spears has only dated men publicly. She had some successful relationships, but many of them ended with her in ruins. Britney Spears dated several high-profile names, as well as some less famous people. From Justin Timberlake to her most recent relationship with ex-husband Sam Asghari, let’s take a look at some of her dating history.

In her memoir, The Woman in Me, the “Toxic” singer opened up about her personal life, revealing many details about her first boyfriends, relationship with JT, and more. Easily her most famous relationship was with the “Cry Me a River” singer, whom she began dating in 1999. The two met when they were kids on The Mickey Mouse Club, and, as both rose to fame in the late ’90s, they started dating.

Image via The Disney Channel

The couple got some of the most iconic red carpet moments, from their matching denim moment to their basketball jerseys, Britney and Justin (known as “Justney” to hardcore fans) were the ultimate endgame. Bad luck struck in 2002, when the reigning prince and princess of pop announced their breakup. Justin has since accused Britney of cheating with choreographer Wade Robson, and made it his career mission to bring it up whenever he saw a drop in sales.

In her memoir, Spears reflected on their relationship, noting that they were both unfaithful to each other. She also claimed Justin encouraged her to have an abortion as they weren’t on the same page about having a baby, and Justin claimed they weren’t ready to have a child.

Shortly after breaking up with Justin, Britney Spears embarked on a passion-filled tryst with Hollywood’s Colin Farrell. Their relationship didn’t last long, and it was over before anyone knew it.

In January 2004, Britney Spears made headlines for marrying Jason Allen Alexander, a childhood friend from her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. They eloped in Las Vegas, and got an annulment 55 hours later. The same year, she met Kevin Federline, a former backup dancer for Timberlake. They married the same year, on Sept. 18, 2004, and by Sept. 14, 2005, the couple welcomed their first child, Sean Preston. One year later, on Sept. 12, 2006, they welcomed a second son, Jayden James. Their relationship was filled with hardships, and even starred in the reality show Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. Spears filed for divorce in November 2006.

via UPN

Since then, Spears had several brief relationships, before starting to date her then-agent, Jason Trawick in 2009. They got engaged in December 2011 following Trawick’s appearance in Britney’s music video for “Criminal.” They broke up in January 2013. She dated David Lucado for a bit over a year, from March 2013 to August 2014, before dating Charlie Ebersol between October 2014 and June 2015.

Spears met Sam Asghari on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video in October 2016. She made the move to call him five months later, and started dating shortly after. They became Instagram official in January 2017, and Asghari supported Britney through several hardships, including her father’s illness and her conservatorship ending. They got engaged in September 2021 and got married in an intimate, yet star-studded wedding in June 2022. One year later, Asghari filed for divorce. Since then, Spears hasn’t publicly dated anyone.

Given that most of her relationships have been widely unsuccessful, who can blame Britney for enjoying her single era now?

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