‘She’s the sweetest demon ever’: Spicy kitty gets vicious when vet tries to lay a hand on her

‘She’s the sweetest demon ever’: Spicy kitty gets vicious when vet tries to lay a hand on her

Let’s face it; nobody likes going to the doctor’s office. Sure, you get a lollipop if you behave (although you get questionable looks when you request this as an adult), but the overwhelming majority of doctor visits are for giving the doctor bad news in hopes of preventing worse news, or at best, leaving without getting bad news. Indeed, no one’s bristling with excitement for their next checkup.

This slightly negative attitude towards the doctor’s office is no doubt multiplied by a factor of infinity when you truly don’t know what’s going on. So imagine how a cat feels about it.

Well, imagine no longer!


Cat is vicious! #Memezar (chris_monroe31, anest10 via Collab)

♬ original sound – Memezar

Captured by TikTok‘s @chrismonroe31 and @anest10 and distributed by @Memezar, these tense 76 seconds are packed to the brim with unadulterated feline fury, with the veterinary team going the full distance trying to put a lid on their patient’s tenacious attitude. Roughly translated, the cat’s protests range from “F*** YOU!” to “F*** THIS!” to “I WILL S*** ON EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR!” to “KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS TO YOUR FILTHY SELF YOU B******!”

Eventually, the doctor and his veterinary assistant manage to calm the indignant kitty down enough to give her her shot, after which the owner—who’s been laughing in disbelief over her furbaby’s response to the vet this whole time—issues an eyedrop. The cat, presumably, did not get a lollipop.

It’s safe to assume that the vet didn’t take this outburst personally, as he’s probably seen it in a number of his feline patients; generally speaking, cats’ disdain for the vet is only partially rooted in the actual checkups and procedures. According to Calder Vets, cats despise traveling of all sorts because it disrupts their routine and removes them from their usual territory, which means they must contend with a whole new swath of stimulations that they’re rarely in any mood to process. Add in needles, fluorescent lights, and waiting rooms (with, God forbid, dogs), and it’s Armageddon.

In any case, we’re sure this kitty would cut everyone involved a lot of slack if she knew they were just trying to make sure she was healthy, but we’re sure that she, like every cat, would find some other way to judge them anyway.

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