‘Please help me find this woman’: Mom left furious after Instacart driver steals $300 worth of items and vanishes into thin air

‘Please help me find this woman’: Mom left furious after Instacart driver steals $300 worth of items and vanishes into thin air

While wandering the grocery aisles and wondering if you should really splurge on yet another flavor of La Croix or spend $5 per avocado is fun, it’s also convenient to use a service like InstaCart. But TikTok user @hanzcakess had a terrible and frustrating time when using it on a trip.

Hannah addressed an InstaCart driver named Mikayla and said that she spent $300 while on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama and was happy when Mikayla found all the requested items, including the Pack and Play. As Hannah explained, “This is the reason we placed this order” because they drove eight hours with their two toddlers and accidentally left the Pack and Play at home.


Pls help me find this woman and never use @Instacart again #momtok #momfail #momlife #helpme

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There’s a lot that can go wrong when you travel, from a super eerie Airbnb to a mishap when you’re heading on a cruise, and forgetting something significant is the worst. Hannah then saw that the Pack and Play was refunded because the package was “beat up” and didn’t scan, and Hannah understandably thought that it could still be purchased. While the order was supposedly delivered right before 8:00, Hannah says nothing was there. The mystery continued when Hannah called InstaCart and they said Mikayla delivered the items to a black and white building… and then said they couldn’t reach her after all.

Well, people found Mikayla… and left so many negative comments on her TikTok that she deleted her account. While that sounds awful, of course it’s terrible to be charged almost $300 and not get your stuff. It’s even more frustrating when your one-year-old needs a Pack and Play and sound machine to sleep because, as parents know, if those little ones don’t get any rest, you don’t either…

But what really happened?! According to a now-deleted TikTok from Mikayla, the order was $98, not almost $300. If you want to see more, you can go to @InstacartMikayla, where someone is sharing Mikayla’s videos. She said she didn’t steal anything… and we have to admit we’re super confused by what really went down.

For now, The Great Pack And Play Mystery continues. In the meantime, we’ll likely still use online grocery services since it’s just so easy. According to Capital One Shopping, in 2022 141.7 million people living in the U.S. shopped for groceries on the internet. Let’s hope they got all their items…

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