‘Kaiju No. 8’ chapter 110 release date confirmed

‘Kaiju No. 8’ chapter 110 release date confirmed

It’s hard to believe that Kaiju No. 8 has already been running for four years now. The first issue was released back in the middle of 2020 but has gone on to become incredibly popular, even getting an anime adaptation that was released this year.

Kaiju No. 8 follows our protagonist, Kafka who, after swallowing a parasite that allows him to transform into a monstrous kaiju himself, joins the defense force and rises through the ranks. Of course, waiting for an animated adaptation to catch up to the manga can be a pain, so many fans have gone on to read ahead. Right now, the story is currently on one of its most dramatic story arcs to date. The previous chapter saw Kafka and his childhood friend, Mina, preparing to face Kaiju No. 9, the main antagonist of the manga so far.

When will Kaiju No.8 chapter 110 be released?

Image via Viz Media

The latest chapter, 109, released on June 20 and mangaka Naoya Matsumoto has committed to releasing a chapter every two weeks. This means there’s not a long wait at all, we can expect chapter 110 to release on Thursday July 4. It’s available to read through the Viz website.

While the previous chapter was mostly a flashback that didn’t really give readers anything new regarding the fight between our heroes and Kaiju No.9, fans can expect to see the new chapter pick up right where 108 left off. We’ll likely see how Kafka and Mina fight together to combat the monstrous threat and perhaps we’ll even get an idea for where the story goes after this arc is completed.

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