IShowSpeed mobbed by ‘unhuman’ fans in Norway and swears to never return

IShowSpeed mobbed by ‘unhuman’ fans in Norway and swears to never return

IShowSpeed mobbed by hundreds of fans in Oslo (YouTube)

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed had to cut his stream short because of hundreds of overly excited fans imprisoning him in a souvenir shop.

Content creator IShowSpeed is perhaps best known for always trying to meet his idol Cristiano Ronaldo at football games, as well as his generally unpredictable livestreams. His antics have seen him become the most subscribed-to English language streamer on YouTube, with a staggering 25.7 million subscribers.

The American is currently touring Europe, having visited The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Sweden so far.

His latest trip took him to Norway, and what started out as a small swarm of fans quickly grew into a mob of hundreds of overly excited people, as the streamer had to hide in a shop, calling the experience ‘unhuman’.

From the very start of his stream IShowSpeed, wearing a Norway national team football shirt, was followed by fans, asking for pictures, while he was exploring the capital.

In no time, however, more and more fans appeared, as he said: ‘What is this? What the hell? No, no, no, no, I literally stepped foot in Norway for 10 seconds, bro. No. Let me enjoy Norway.’

He then went into a souvenir shop and got a Viking helmet, hammer, and sword – all of which would come in handy when he left the store – because the mob had grown so big that several security guards had to block the entrance so they couldn’t get in.

That meant IShowSpeed couldn’t leave the store either, as he tried to slip out a back entrance, which was also blocked by fans, in what started to look like a zombie survival film.

IShowSpeed spent the next hour trapped in the souvenir shop, but somehow it got worse.

IShowSpeed doing Ronaldo’s ‘Siu’ celebration (YouTube)

While doing the Ronaldo ‘Siu’ celebration in front of his fans, he rolled his ankle badly, saying, ‘I think I just broke my ankle.’ He was later seen by a medical professional, still in the same building, who said he had the have his ankle x-rayed.

It was then that the security guards carried IShowSpeed through the mob and into a car parked outside the store, but mayhem ensued, as the video below shows.

Once they had escaped, and before cutting the stream short, IShowSpeed told his viewers: ‘I don’t think I’ll ever come here again, bro. I’m not even trolling. I love all my Norway fans, but you just generally don’t listen.

‘I’ve been to every country and it’s been lit, turnt, crowds, but that was just unhuman,’ he said.

It’s clear that IShowSpeed has reached levels of stardom that means he has to be very careful when he’s out in public, as a simple stroll through Oslo resulted in a mob of fans so big he had to imprison himself to escape them.

If there ever is a next time in Norway, maybe the streamer could switch out the city centre of the capital for a quiet village or the nature surrounding it.

IShowSpeed was swarmed by fans in Oslo the minute he left the car (YouTube)

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