IShowSpeed fan selling hair pulled from his head during Norwegian ruckus for £275

IShowSpeed fan selling hair pulled from his head during Norwegian ruckus for £275

The American streamer was swarmed by a mob of fans in Norway (eBay/YouTube)

An eBay listing claims to be selling hair pulled out of IShowSpeed’s head, during the fan frenzy in Norway, but it’s almost certainly not his.

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed is currently livestreaming his travels across Europe, and things had gone smoothly up until he visited Norway yesterday, where a huge mob of fans forced him to hide in a souvenir shop for over an hour.

The streamer had to be evacuated to a parked car outside the store, but fans were so excited that security guards struggled to get him through, while someone forcefully pulled his hair.

Now a listing has gone up on eBay, asking for $350 (£275) for the hair, but it’s almost certainly fake and just an attempt at a joke.

The listing shows a picture of someone holding a chunk of hair, titled ‘IShowSpeed’s hair!!’

It’s listed in the hair extension category, with the description: ‘IShowSpeed hair. Norwegian hand-picked. For fun, hair real.’

eBay listing claiming it sells IShowSpeed’s hair after fan mob in Norway (eBay)

The listing also comes with a second picture of the moment when someone pulls IShowSpeed’s hair during the frenzy in Oslo, just in case the context of what the seller is alluding to wasn’t clear.

There are pictures of another listing on social media, that claims to be selling IShowSpeed’s hair from the same incident, for £1,700 (£1,330), but that page appears to have been taken down by eBay.

The listing that is still up, at time of writing, also has an auction for the hair, starting at $250 (£195), with no bids.

The hysteria was too much for IShowSpeed, who ended his stream early, saying he will never come back to Norway, adding:

‘I’ve been to every country and it’s been lit, turnt, crowds, but that was just unhuman.’

IShowSpeed had to barricade himself in a shop during the fan frenzy (YouTube)

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