‘He’s quitting the race’: Dumpster Donald claims he’s scared Joe Biden into pulling out of the election in baffling golf course rant

‘He’s quitting the race’: Dumpster Donald claims he’s scared Joe Biden into pulling out of the election in baffling golf course rant

Anyone who’s met a celebrity or two has probably thought “Wow, they’re so different in real life!” — whether that be good or bad. To give him his dues, though, it turns out that the Donald Trump we see slurring his way through speeches at his MAGA rallies and presidential debates is 100% the Donald you get if you meet him in person, too.

Just a week after he tragically put in a more forceful performance at the first debate than paleolithic president Joe Biden, a candid video of Trump recorded on his beloved golf course reveals his honest thoughts on Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. For any other politician, this would be wholly shocking, but given that the cheating Cheeto tends to attack his opponent’s character on every day that ends in a Y it’s less of a big deal. Even so, the brazen lies Trump tells even in one-on-one conversations will leave you agog.

A couple of the orange-hued hatemonger’s supporters chatted with Trump while he was in a golf cart with his youngest son, Barron. As he tips the men, who presumably work at the course, Trump shamelessly fishes for compliments by asking them what they thought about his debate performance. “Look at that old broken-down pile of crap,” Donald says, obviously referring to President Biden. “He’s quitting, you know. He’s quitting the race… I got him out of the race.”

Barron retains a straight face throughout the duration of the vid

He’s just sitting there, watching his dad, who happens to the one of the most consequential leaders in American history. Amazing pic.twitter.com/Wp61n8jvqF

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) July 4, 2024

Just in case you still don’t automatically treat anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth as fiction, let’s clarify: no, Biden is not “quitting the race.” While it’s true that many think the president should step aside to let someone else take over the Democratic candidacy, there has been no such official announcement. So when he tells these men that “they’ve just announced he’s probably quitting” Trump is indeed talking out of another orifice that is not his mouth.

According to Diaper Don, “that means we have Kamala,” insinuating that Kamala Harris is set to replace Biden in the race (which isn’t necessarily what would happen if he did drop out, anyway). Breaking the habit of a lifetime, Trump initially compliments Harris, saying “I think she’s gonna be better.” Displaying the kind of focused mind we’ve seen in action before when he rambled about that time he was on a boat with a snake, a battery, and a shark, Trump then does a complete 180-degree turn, however. “She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic,” he suddenly says. “She’s so f****ing bad.”

The Daily Beast originally broke this video, but it’s since been co-opted by Trump loyalists (see above) who have praised Barron for his body language in the clip. “He’s also mirroring his Dad’s body movements,” reads one reply. “We are observing the future being made.”

Well, that’s not sinister at all. Happy Independence Day, everybody.

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