Gen Z-led trend leads to increase in Aussies cutting back on alcohol

Gen Z-led trend leads to increase in Aussies cutting back on alcohol

More than half of Australians are planning to cut back on alcohol in a new trend being led by a younger generation concerned about health and image.

According to new Drinkwise statistics, 53 per cent of Australians now want to reduce their alcohol consumption, marking an increase from the 43 per cent who said they would like to cut back in 2021.

In a change being driven by Gen Z, the data suggests 65 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds want to drink less alcohol, while close to 23 per cent of young adults are choosing to abstain.

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“The culture has changed and it’s changing for the positive,’ Drinkwise chief executive Simon Strahan told 9News Melbourne.

“When people choose to drink it’s in a much more mindful way.”

“We do know that many young people have curated an image of themselves on social media and they want to live up to that, which means that if they do go out and socialise and choose to drink alcohol, they’re doing so in a much healthier and safer way.”

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Non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverage options are expected to account for four per cent of the market by 2027.

This month close to 30,000 Aussies will give up the drink for the annual ‘Dry July’ campaign, including Adam Follacchio.

“I wake up fresh on a Sunday, I’m active, I go for a walk,” he told 9News.

“Everyone wants to live a healthier and longer life, so knowing the impact that it has there are other ways to stay connected and social.”

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