Aussie woman fighting for life after ‘tragic accident’ in Bali

Aussie woman fighting for life after ‘tragic accident’ in Bali

An Australian woman is fighting for her life after suffering a catastrophic accident in Bali.

Rebecca Ode, a 36-year-old from Newcastle, was hospitalised overseas earlier this week for a head injury and broken collarbone and shoulder.

She underwent 14 hours of surgery to stop the bleeding in her brain and to save her eye.

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Her family in Newcastle received a call to tell them about her injuries on Tuesday morning.

“‘I’m a friend of Becky’s in Bali, she’s been in a tragic accident’,” her brother-in-law Jesse Wilton recalled hearing when he picked up the phone.

“I said ‘Give it to me straight, how bad is it?

“‘It is bad’.”

Ode had to be transferred by boat from the Nusa Lembongan island to a specialist facility in Denpasar.

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Her mother and sister rushed to Bali, where they are maintaining a bedside vigil, while family back home try to raise funds to pay for her medical evacuation.

Her family still does not know what caused the accident, but believe she may have been a victim of a hit and run.

”She is such a beautiful girl and deserves everything,” her sister Jordyn Ode said.

Ode had moved to Bali in January this year following the painful death of her father. 

Her family is now desperate to bring her back home as hospital costs creep up to almost $250,000.

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