A new jaw-dropping ‘boatmance’ drama has divided the ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ crew

A new jaw-dropping ‘boatmance’ drama has divided the ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ crew

The Below Deck franchise has witnessed many love triangles, even ones that have affected the overall crew’s performance. However, this time Sandy and Aesha Scott are making it clear that they don’t want romantic drama to distract the crew members.

As fans know, Mustique crew members Elena “Ellie” Dubaich, Bri Muller, and Joe Bradley are entangled in a boatmance. Bravo has previously teased that this romantic drama might lead to division between the cast as they will be forced to take sides.

The issue isn’t two girls being interested in the same guy, but one of them breaking the girl code. Since Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 episode 5 has aired, it has been clarified that Bri and Ellie are on opposite sides of the team now. Ellie feels hurt that her friend went on to pursue the guy she already mentioned she was interested in. After Muller and Joe hooked up, Ellie was disappointed that her friend didn’t respect her boundaries and “snaked up” the entire situation.

How the Mustique crew reacted to the Bri-Ellie-Joe drama on Below Deck Mediterranean

This wasn’t the first time Ellie warned her roommate to stay away from Joe. In episode 4 Dubaich explained to Bri a “general rule” to go after the guy her “supervisor is interested in.” She wasn’t too thrilled to discover the hookup and the flirting that led to it.

Even though the drama is inevitable, the crew can’t be too distracted by their personal problems as it will affect their team efforts negatively. Captain Sandy already had some concerns about the third charter when she sensed a little tension between the cast members. She overheard stew Bri Muller telling chef Johnathan Shillingford how she plans on addressing the entire situation.

For viewers, it seemed like Chef Jono might just have picked a side, Ellie is not going to like this. Later, Sandy joined the conversation to check up on Bri who looked stressed and wanted to do “the right thing” to resolve the matter. Bri got emotional stating she didn’t want to get involved in drama, she said:

“I’m just upset at this unnecessary drama that’s happening and doesn’t need to be happening. It’s affecting me.”

Sandy tried to comfort her by saying that sometimes a “sharp tongue” can be hurtful but soon everything will be fine. Fans could sense Sandy was trying her best to give a piece of good advice to the stew without sounding like she was favoring one crew member over the other.

During her confessional interview, Sandy explained she was concerned about Bri crying and wasn’t interested in the details of what happened. However, she did hint that if the situation escalates, it would be her “business” and she’ll have to intervene:

“The fact that Bri’s crying right now, I just want to make sure that she’s going to be okay. I don’t have details. I don’t need details. It’s not my business until it’s made my business.”

Meanwhile, Aesha Scott wants her costars to solve their matters as soon as possible. In a recent interview with The Daily Dish, she shared how chaotic and intense working on a yacht is. She opened up about one of the biggest challenges this season and how she handled her emotions, managed the stews, and made sure her relationship with her coworkers was on good terms.

However, that wasn’t the case, this will be revealed in the upcoming episodes which will focus on how Aesha’s bond with her co-stars gets strained. Maybe this has something to do with the boatmance. The chief stew explained:

“It was more managing my staff and relationships and emotions that challenged me this season rather than the actual chief stew work.”

Let’s see where the Joe-Ellie-Bri drama leads and whether Captain Sandy will address the situation. As of now, Ellie and Bri’s friendship is not the same anymore. Stream Below Deck Mediterranean every week on Mondays at 9/8c. The upcoming episode is set to air on July 8, 2024. All newly released episodes air exclusively on Bravo TV and are available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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