‘My Deer Friend Nokotan’ release date confirmed

‘My Deer Friend Nokotan’ release date confirmed

The world of manga is wacky by default, but the hilarious My Deer Friend Nokotan’s concept takes wackiness to new heights. Five volumes have been published since its 2019 beginnings.

It follows the exploits of an attractive and popular high school girl called Torako Koshi after she rescues a bizarre deer-girl hybrid she discovers hanging from some power lines on her journey to school.

The deer girl, Noko Shikanoko, transfers to Torako’s school, where she uses her unique abilities — let’s call them “deer powers” — to sniff out Torako’s shady past as a violent delinquent.

Given Torako’s attempts to keep her past a secret and appear prim and proper, this proves troublesome for her especially given that she seems to be the only one who notices that Noko isn’t all that she appears to be.

It’s a plot designed for comic effect and comical it undoubtedly is. With that in mind, it’s exciting that an anime adaptation of the story is on the way. So when can we expect it?

When is the My Deer Friend Nokotan anime coming?

The My Deer Friend Nokotan anime is coming to Tokyo MX and BS NTV on July 7, 2024, at 11:30 pm Japanese Standard Time.

There are two trailers — one of which you can see above and the other here — and, judging by them, you should certainly be excited about the show.

It looks colorful, beautifully animated, and action-packed. The voice cast sounds like they’re in top energetic form, and it asks the definitely valid question, “WHY ARE HUMANS NOT DEER?” Anime fan or not, don’t miss out on this one — it should be an absolute hoot.

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