Will there be a ‘My Happy Marriage’ anime season 2?

Will there be a ‘My Happy Marriage’ anime season 2?

Originally airing on Netflix in July 2023, My Happy Marriage quickly gained renown among shojo anime fans for its gorgeous animation, lovable characters, and Cinderella-esque love story.

Adapted from the original light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi with eight volumes as of March 2024, fans of the anime adaptation want to know whether they’ll get to see the budding love story between the soft-spoken Miyo and misunderstood Kiyoka continue.

My Happy Marriage‘s story takes place in an alternate reality version of the Taisho period and follows Miyo Saimori, a young woman born lacking any kind of supernatural abilities; forced to live as a neglected house servant to her cruel stepmother. As soon as Miyo comes of age, she’s sent away to marry a man she’s never met — Kiyoka Kudou, a man rumored to be so cold and callous that every one of his former brides fled within three days of being engaged to him. While anxious, Miyo feels she has nowhere else to turn, and resigns herself to being his wife. As season 1 of the series continues, it becomes clear that Miyo’s future husband is grossly misunderstood, and that there’s a layer of reason to his frigid personality.

Will My Happy Marriage Get a Season 2?

As of season 1’s conclusion, the animation studio behind My Happy Marriage‘s adaptation, Kinema Citrus, officially announced the series would be receiving a new season. However, as of writing, there has been no confirmation on when the series’ continuation will begin airing.

That said, there was a special OVA episode included with the special edition physical release of the light novel’s eighth volume, which was released in Japan on March 15, 2024. The bonus episode was titled “Shiawase no Katachi” (“The Shape of Happiness” in English), but at this time has yet to be officially released outside of Japan.

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