Nails found glued to toddler’s swings and slides in play area

Nails found glued to toddler’s swings and slides in play area

Fortunately no children were hurt by the vandalism

Parents were left ‘shocked and horrified’ after finding nails glued to toddlers’ swings and the bottom of a slide in a children’s playground.

Fortunately, they were discovered before any youngsters were hurt at the play area in Marcham, Oxfordshire, last weekend.

It is barely 200 yards from a Church of England primary school and nursery.

The local parish council clerk said: ‘We are shocked and horrified by the incident. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would sabotage a play space like that.’

Speaking to MailOnline, she revealed the nails were found glued onto swings, a rotating platform and near the end of a slide.

She added that police have been alerted and are now investigating.

The nails were found glued onto toddlers’ swings

Another was found near the bottom of a slide

Signs have been put up urging parents to be wary in case it happens again.

The clerk warned the playground may be forced to close in that case.

‘We are keeping a close eye on things and the area is being checked several times a day,’ she added.

Metro has contacted Thames Valley Police for comment.

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Back in November, vandals who similarly sabotaged a play area in Hull were branded ‘pure evil’ by a dad who pulled nails and screws from a child’s swing seats.

Posting on the Hawthorn Watch Facebook page, he wrote: ‘Someone clearly intended to hurt children.’

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