Will there be a ‘Sister Wives’ season 19?

Will there be a ‘Sister Wives’ season 19?

Sister Wives just concluded its 18th – and possibly final – season on Sunday night, ending what has been the most dramatic season of the long-running reality series so far.

Season 17 ended with Kody facing a life-changing break-up, when his wife of 27 years, Christine, decided to leave him and their polygamist sect behind, moving from Arizona to their original home state of Utah. Over the course of season 18, Kody Brown failed to win back his ex-partner, and lost two more wives – Janelle and Meri, respectively – leaving him with just one wife, Robyn, by the season finale.

So, can Sister Wives survive now that the show no longer features the life of polygamy that the family revolves around? Can the series continue if its title is no longer accurate, or is it the end of the road for the Brown family’s time on television? Here’s what we know about a potential series 19 so far.

Will there be a ‘Sister Wives’ season 19?

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Season 18 of Sister Wives wasn’t advertised as the final season of the show, and the show is typically filmed several months in advance. Even when the finale aired this week, the episode was not marketed as the last-ever episode.

However, as stated above, there is an issue over what the future of the series could possibly look like. With three separations and only one wife remaining, there are no so-called sister wives remaining. However, season 18 did offer a clue on how this could work.

On season 18, Christine continued to appear on several issues of the series, despite splitting from Kody and leaving their Flagstaff home in the previous season. Christine met with Kody to discuss family plans and future get-togethers and even recorded several confessional scenes offering her perspective on what was going on in Arizona, from her new home in Utah. She even showed off the at-home set for her followers on TikTok. Talk about working from home.

In theory, season 19 could take this approach. All three of Kody’s former wives could contribute to filming from their own homes, and interact with one another. Kody’s most recent ex-wife, Meri, has recently moved back to Utah, and Janelle, who seemingly still lives in Arizona, has met up with Christine back in their home state. The ex-wives appear to be very good friends, with Janelle recently revealing that she kept in contact with Christine constantly after she left their home, with the two revealing to People (filmed prior to Meri’s exit on the show) that they still consider one another sister wives, even without Kody.

With this in mind, it seems more likely that a nineteenth season could happen. While perhaps personal interaction may be slightly lower, the sister wives share eighteen kids and six between them, meaning they have good reason to keep in contact with one another. Additionally, the wives also generally lived separately on their Flagstaff family land during their time on the show, but they still found a way to interact frequently, so this isn’t too radical a change.

Image via TLC

As of Nov. 2023, the TLC network has not put out any kind of public statement about a new season. Given all this change to the Brown family dynamic, the next season – if one is happening – may not come out during its usual scheduling.

Changing to multiple core filming locations across various states would take some pretty significant restructuring of the series, so TLC may want some time off to see how the series would operate, and how to include the main cast members in a way that is interesting and makes for roughly equal screen time.

While not confirmed, TV Shows Ace has obtained photos of Christine Brown’s wedding to new husband David Woolley – whom she married earlier this fall – with what appears to be a camera crew filming. It is possible that this is just to record the ceremony, but the size of the film crew, complete with boom mics, suggests that Sister Wives season 19 could have been secretly filming for some time.

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