Why does Joy Behar think Travis Kelce is illiterate?

Why does Joy Behar think Travis Kelce is illiterate?

Travis Kelce has many titles, including boyfriend of Taylor Swift, and Super Bowl champion, but one title that will likely forever elude him is the coveted Spelling Bee Champion. However, some people bestow another title upon him — illiterate — and Joy Behar is one of them. Is it a fair assessment?

Although Kelce has been a popular sports figure in recent years, his popularity has skyrocketed thanks to his relationship with the aforementioned music superstar. Living the single bachelor life, Travis Kelce was impressed when Swift rocked Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City, which is where Kelce plays with the Kansas City Chiefs. Attending Swift’s concert there made Travis send an invite to Swift to attend a football game there, which she took him up on. The rest is music and football history, so far anyway.

taylor swift in 2011: from when your brooklyn broke my skin and bones i’m a soldier who’s returning half her weight, and did the twin flame bruise paint you blue? just between us, did the love affair maim you too?

travis kelce in 2011: i just gave a squirle a peice of bread pic.twitter.com/VSqRoG2TcY

— veronica (@folklorexcvi) November 15, 2023

So, where does Joy Behar fit it to all of this? Well, as one of the co-hosts of The View, they often talk about topics in the entertainment world in their attempt to take a break from talking about politics.

That’s when Joy trashed Travis as “an idiot,” and called him “illiterate,” motivated by his old social media posts that paints him as, well, what some people would call quite the typical jock. First, there are those misspellings, such as writing “squirrel,” as “squirle.” It seems endearing, initially, and Swifties were happy to see that his problem was spelling, but some of his old posts take it a step further.

Well, well, well…

Some of Travis Kelce’s old tweets have resurfaced and look pic.twitter.com/GOAnqq22ld

— Kelli Johnson (@KelliJohnsonTV) November 15, 2023

In many of them, Kelce was critical of “ugly” cheerleaders, questioned why woman don’t hide their “back fat,” and even claimed that men who are with women bigger than them have something wrong with them.

The View showed some of these posts, and Joy Behar obviously did not hold back how she felt.

Funny enough, despite other celebrities being criticized for such fat-shaming posts, Kelce was let off the hook. Whoopi Goldenerg responded to Behar and disagreed, pointing out how he was in high school and a lot of people change their opinions from 25 years ago. It’s worth noting that he was in college and it was 12 years ago, but she also asked Behar why she was so upset about it, in response to which, Behar called herself a “Swiftie” and claimed it was because she didn’t want to see Taylor with such a guy.

‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Slams Travis Kelce For Resurfaced Tweets, Doesn’t Want Taylor Swift To Date Him, Whoopi Goldberg Defends Travis #TaylorSwift #theview #joybehar #whoopigoldberg #TravisKelce #Swifties #riristea #rivetsoro pic.twitter.com/q4QGfdWj77

— Rivet Soro (@Rivet_Soro) November 17, 2023

Most people seem to be of the opinion that Behar is taking things too seriously, and maybe that’s true, but some do agree with her.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you believe that someone should be judged or held somewhat accountable for such old posts and, perhaps more so, whether or not those posts are harmful. Since most people see them as lame and not necessarily harmful then it seems harsh to heavily criticize him for it. Are they right?

Yes, Travis Kelce is/was a fat shaming misogynist. I mean what a small penis he must have. Now he’s just a no oral sex is a dealbreaker for his breeder. Jackson and Brittany Mahomes… Taylor Swift can sure pick her PR Stunts! pic.twitter.com/iRhbfsyUpA

— Scott Tea (@RealScottTea) November 15, 2023

Maybe people look at it strictly as him being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and how this will affect her if becomes a major controversy. Thus, in that case, the idea is to just leave it to Taylor Swift to decide for herself. If he’s good for her than he will be good enough for her fans also. If not, then she’ll almost certainly be writing a song about “squirles.”

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