Who wins ‘The Golden Bachelor?’ Gerry Turner’s choice, revealed

Who wins ‘The Golden Bachelor?’ Gerry Turner’s choice, revealed

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor. Scroll at your own risk…

Airing every Thursday evening on ABC, just moments before Bachelor In Paradise, The Golden Bachelor is arguably one of the most heartwarming shows to date, with the lead coining the phrase, “It’s never too late to fall in love again” — how sweet is that?

The Golden Bachelor is a spin-off of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, bringing together senior citizens to vie for the heart of Gerry Turner, a 72-year-old restaurant owner who tragically lost his wife and high school sweetheart after 43 years of marriage. Following the same format as the rest of the shows within The Bachelor franchise (with the exception of Bachelor In Paradise), it consists of one-on-one dates, group dates, rose ceremonies, and more. The show is truly a must-see for all Bachelor Nation fans, but will the inaugural season have a happy ending?

Gerry has revealed time and time again to the press that he is happy as a clam after his journey on The Golden Bachelor, implying that he found his perfect match through this rather unconventional process, but who is the lucky lady who receives his final rose — Leslie Fhima or Theresa Nist?

Fortunately, the Bachelor Nation encyclopedia in human form, Reality Steve, spilled all of the tea. Keep scrolling to see for yourself who triumphs in the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor

Who wins The Golden Bachelor?

While both Leslie and Theresa had Fantasy Suite dates that were seriously to die for, only one will end up receiving Gerry’s final rose (and perhaps even a Neil Lane ring) in the end.

According to Reality Steve himself, Gerry Turner ultimately gives his final rose to Theresa Nist, despite telling Leslie that he thinks that she is “the one” for him and thus ultimately shocking fans of The Golden Bachelor from coast to coast.

“It’s taken a while, but I finally have been able to find out who Gerry chose… Gerry is engaged to Theresa Nist,” Reality Steve shared via Instagram, and fans are not happy, flooding the comment section with their dissatisfaction.

“Don’t like her at all, boring choice,” one fan wrote.

Another dished, “Sorry, but I never liked her. There were many better choices. Leslie and Faith.”

“While on the Fantasy Suite date with Theresa, he kept thinking about what Leslie was doing. After the fantasy suite date with Theresa, he seemed to have clarity for his love for Theresa, so something that night helped him make his decision. Theresa had been the frontrunner all this time. When it got down to the last two, we all thought he would choose Leslie, but little did we know Theresa was still his choice,” shared a third.

Nonetheless, Gerry gives off the impression that he is madly in love post-filming, and that is all that matters — right?

Who is Theresa Nist?

As for who Theresa is, her life beyond our television screens makes her and Gerry look like a perfect match.

Working as a financial services professional in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Theresa is a lot more laid back than Leslie, describing herself as “optimistic, encouraging, and ready to love again after loss,” and always wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Aside from working and spending time with her family, Theresa enjoys gardening, hula hooping, playing board games, and reading romance novels. She also is a massive music-lover, singing alone in her car more often than not, likely to some ’70s rock and roll — it seems like a flash mob to “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey during her one-on-one date with Gerry was right up her alley!

Hopeful after witnessing the many similarities between Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner, we wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

Fans of The Bachelor franchise can catch new episodes of The Golden Bachelor at 8pm ET/PT, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, to see how the remainder of the inaugural season unfolds — it is sure to be jam-packed with drama!

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