Where does Cardi B live?

Where does Cardi B live?

You might know her as a rapper, Grammy winner and the subject of multiple hilarious memes, but Cardi B’s lavishness in lyrics and music extends well beyond the recording studio.

While it’s now been five years since her most recent album — a period her fans deem far too long — Cardi B has continued to amass an impressive net worth, which some pundits estimate is somewhere north of $40 million. 

With such eye-watering wealth, it should come as little surprise that Cardi B is the owner of multiple homes, tracing her everywhere from Atlanta to New York City. The musician’s extended family is still based in the Bronx — the town where she grew up and first got her start — but with two children of her own and a husband in fellow rapper Offset, Cardi B needs as much room as she can get (and afford).

So, where exactly does Cardi B live?

Where does Cardi B live?

One of Cardi B’s primary residences is in Atlanta, Georgia. She first announced her plans to relocate to the luxurious Atlanta town of Buckhead in 2019, sharing an Instagram post of herself and Offset outside their new front door. The Atlanta mansion encompasses 22,000 square feet, and while it was initially listed for $5.795 million, the actual sale price has not been officially revealed. 

The three-storey house has room for six cars, with a formal front garden space, private sitting room, library and spa-style bathroom. The Atlanta house has added to Cardi B’s impressive real estate catalogue, which began with her first-ever home in New Jersey. This was where she first relocated to after leaving the Bronx and was home to the Edgewater neighborhood condo for which she reportedly paid $3,000 a month. 

Cardi B moved into her second home in Sep. 2021. Also located in New Jersey, this home marked an upsize for the rapper, and includes a library, an office, fitness center, wine cellar and home theatre, among other luxurious amenities.

Speaking of the New Jersey property in an Instagram post, Cardi B said that since she is “everywhere due to work,” it is nice to have a home based in New York City to allow for “get togethers with my family all the time”. While details around the property are scarce, we do know that Cardi B also owns and frequents a home in Los Angeles, since she shared fears that the house was haunted in 2023.

Living between New Jersey, LA and Atlanta can be tiring, which is why Cardi B also has a home in the Dominican Republic, to ease the stress of being a multiple homeowner. Offset purchased the holiday home for his wife in 2021, an investment property valued at $1.49 million. 

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