What high school and college did Jeffrey Dahmer go to?

What high school and college did Jeffrey Dahmer go to?

Before Jeffrey Dahmer became a remorseless, blood-thirsty serial killer on a vicious rampage, the Milwaukee-born criminal was just a typical student at high school and college. But which schools did Dahmer attend before indulging in his heinous crimes?

Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he eventually committed most of his murders during the ‘80s. From there, Dahmer went on to become one of the most known serial killers of all time, with countless docuseries and documentaries focusing on his personal life, and his helpless victims. Because of these heinous crimes, Dahmer has often attracted a wide range of attention, with true crime fanatics and ordinary civilians remaining intrigued as to why and how Dahmer became the killer he was.

Taking a step back, many folks are convinced Dahmer’s childhood upbringing played a part in his eventual crimes — which includes where exactly he went to school during his teenage years and early years of adulthood.

Dahmer’s high school and college, explained

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After Dahmer’s family relocated to Ohio, Dahmer attended Revere High School, where he was considered to be an outcast and became a heavy drinker. It was during his early youth when Dahmer discovered that he was gay, leading him to fantasize about other men — specifically dominating men weaker than he was, and thereafter using them for sexual purposes while they were either dead or unconscious.

Dahmer went on to graduate from Revere High School back in 1978, and soon enrolled himself at Ohio State University, with plans in mind to obtain a degree in business. However, plans eventually fell through after Dahmer began drinking more heavily and failing most of his classes. Dahmer eventually dropped out of Ohio State after just three months of enrollment, where he then enlisted in the U.S. Army upon the insistence of his father, Lionel. Despite enlisting, he was later discharged for his drinking, angering his father in the process.

We’ll likely never understand why Dahmer became the deranged killer he was, but where he attended high school and college certainly doesn’t seem like the driving reason behind it.

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