The best Marvel movies and shows to watch on Thanksgiving

The best Marvel movies and shows to watch on Thanksgiving

Picture it… a warm candlelit Thanksgiving dinner with Marvel’s Guardians crew. As Peter Quill cracks an almost-funny joke, Gamora and Rocket roll their eyes, while Drax and Mantis burst into laughter. Sounds fun, right?

Thanksgiving is all about love, family, and showing gratitude. For most people, this involves sharing a meal with your family or friends and showing your appreciation for each other, and other things in your life. As a Marvel fan, you can make your Thanksgiving hero-filled with an appropriately themed movie marathon. Here are the best Marvel movies and TV shows to watch this Thanksgiving.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies aren’t only beloved among Marvel fans for their humor and action-packed scenes. Many fans resonated strongly with the found-family dynamic that Peter Quill and his crew had. This Thanksgiving, a Guardians marathon might be in order, especially if you plan on having a ‘Friendsgiving’ celebration with your own found family. You can also take it an extra step by watching the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, especially as Christmas is just around the corner!

Black Panther

One of the best MCU movies to catch this Thanksgiving is undoubtedly Black Panther. At the heart of the instant classic is a tale of heart, family, and community. Granted, it’s going to be a tearjerker, especially since Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us. However, the message of the movie- letting love guide you- is an important lesson this Thanksgiving season, and always.


Many people consider Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman movies to be some of the best, and for good reason. The first installment of this franchise is a heartfelt story about family and responsibility that sees Peter Parker’s family and friendships caught in the crossfire of his new powers. The movie also includes a Thanksgiving scene, which is one of its most pivotal moments, and will definitely keep you and your family on your toes as you watch.

The Incredible Hulk

For hardcore Marvel fans that enjoy the classics, the 1970s Incredible Hulk TV show is a great watch. For a Thanksgiving themed episode, check out episode 42, titled “Homecoming.” The episode follows David Banner, this series’ Hulk, as he reunites with his estranged family on Thanksgiving. While it also explores their past trauma and conflicts, it all circles back love and protecting one’s family.

The Avengers

Sometimes, the best way to bond with your family is by watching an action-filled, alien-invasion superhero movie. The first Avengers movie is a perfect Thanksgiving pick as it shows how each of the Avengers come together and assemble for the first time. It marks the beginning of a long journey of love and loss, with the Avengers bickering but eventually growing to love each other. It is also set in New York where the famous annual Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is held every year! What’s not to love?


Both seasons of Loki are now fully available on streaming, so the holidays are the perfect time to binge them all. You can enjoy a slice of key lime pie alongside Loki and Mobius as you watch the exciting second season of the show. Marvel has also graciously put up the recipe for the pie that the two share on their website, so it is the perfect holiday treat to sink your teeth into. Who knows, maybe there’s a chance the special pie could grant you some powers?


While Deadpool is not exactly a family-friendly movie, it is a hilarious, touching and slightly gory story about love. Wade Wilson isn’t a good guy and has never pretended to be, but we see him go to extreme lengths to be reunited with his love Vanessa throughout the movie. Deadpool is a great movie option for a fun Thanksgiving watch that will have you and your friends debating on how far is too far to go for love and vengeance.

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame

Nothing inspires gratitude like believing you’ve lost all your friends and family, only to have them returned to you five years later. Infinity War and Endgame go hand in hand and are a great watch for a two-part story about appreciating family and doing whatever it takes to save and protect them. The devastating blow the Avengers receive at the end of Infinity War, coupled with the hope-filled tone of Endgame is the perfect emotional rollercoaster.


Scott Lang is a family man first, and a superhero second, and this is the entire plot of the Ant-Man movies. Scott, Hope Van Dyne, and Hank Pym do everything for their family. Whether that is Scott wanting to be with his daughter, or Hope and Hank desperately trying to find Janet Van Dyne. The movie stresses the importance of family, as well as the positives in being honest and open with family, especially while they’re still around. Overall, Ant-Man and its equally humorous sequels are a great Thanksgiving watch.


WandaVision is a story of grief, love, loss, and, of course, family. After Wanda loses Vision, she constructs a whole world where they can be together and have a home and family. It is both a beautiful and heartbreaking tale, and shows just how essential it is to have a family that loves you around. WandaVision will definitely be a good choice for a tear-jerker show to enjoy this Thanksgiving, particularly with your family and friends.

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