Tennessee city finally abandons law against being gay in public

Tennessee city finally abandons law against being gay in public

The city withdrew the ordinance after fierce backlash (Picture: Shutterstock)

A Tennessee city has removed a city ordinance which previously banned homosexuality in public.

The city of Murfreesboro had a ‘public decency’ ordinance passed in June which prohibited ‘indecent behaviours’, including homosexuality, acts of masturbation and sexual intercourse.

The ordinance had been passed into city code earlier this year, sparking outrage from opposition groups – including the American Civil Liberties Union, who sued the city on behalf of the Tennessee Equality Project.

City officials may have hoped to drive out the LGTBQ community – in particular, drag performers – but the removal of the term ‘homosexuality’ from the ordinance was passed days ago in a major victory.

But the battle for opposition groups continues, as local officials have now begun to use the ‘public decency’ ordinance to target library books with LGBTQ themes.

Local activist Keri Lambert said at a meeting in early November: ‘When, in the history of the world, have the people banning books been the good guys?’

The ordinance had sparked outrage among opposition groups (Picture: Shutterstock)

Tennessee governor Bill Lee has also been at the centre of a firestorm for proposing a ban on drag shows in the state – even after he was pictured in drag in the 1970s.

Tennessee introduced a bill which criminalizes the act of taking part in an ‘adult cabaret performance’ or a drag show on public property.

But a photo on Reddit soon went viral, appearing to show the politician dressed in drag during his time as a high school student.

The teenage Bill Lee can be seen wearing a wig, a cheerleader’s uniform and a pearl necklace.

In response, his office told the Daily Beast that a ‘lighthearted school tradition’ should not be ‘conflated’ with the bill.

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