‘One Piece’ chapter 1099 spoilers, release time, and where to read

‘One Piece’ chapter 1099 spoilers, release time, and where to read

The following article contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 1099.

We’ve all been eagerly perched in our seats with excitement for the new One Piece chapter, so we come bearing good news: Eiichiro Oda is no longer on a break, returning with chapter 1099, all while ushering in a new milestone in the story with a bang.

Before we get to the nitty and gritty details of the new chapter — and look out, here come spoilers — we ought to remember the emotional ride that chapter 1998 brought upon us. Not only did we learn about Ginny’s passing upon contracting a mysterious disease, but we also learned that Kuma vowed to protect and treat Bonney as his own, only to discover that she has the same fatal disease as her mother.

Despite this information dump in the last few chapters, there are still quite a few questions remaining, including Bonney’s possession of her devil fruit, and even her current health status. Bearing this in mind, let’s see what mysteries the new chapter will be unveiling.

When is chapter 1099 coming out?

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It feels like a lifetime since we’ve had a new chapter but it’s official: One Piece is coming back. Or at least, it has already reached the virtual shelves in Japan. Sadly, it will take a few more days to come to our reach, since the chapter will be released in the Shõnen Jump Magazine on November 27. However, anyone who has spent enough time online has probably stumbled upon the spoilers that have already been translated.

As always, we’ll give you some time to click away from the article before you dive into the rest, but remember: this chapter is going to be juicy. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a brief summary of the spoilers that were already translated by Twitter/X user OP_SPOILERS2023:

King Bekori stands firm, refusing to abandon his liege to Kuma, and brings back marine forces to secure victory.

Despite Bekori’s efforts, Kuma repeatedly defeats the marine forces to ensure the safety of Sorbet Kingdom.

The story of how Bonney eats the Age-Age fruit is revealed.

The backstory behind Kuma’s title, “Tyrant” is also revealed.

Dragon shares Vegapunk’s location with Kuma, who then seeks Egghead to find a cure for Bonney’s disease.

Kuma agrees to become a prototype for the Pacifista project in exchange for saving Bonney’s life.

Jaygarcian Saturn makes a reappearance in the story.

Besides this absolute rollercoaster of a chapter and all its spoilers, you can still rest assured knowing that Oda isn’t taking a break next week. This means that the eagerly awaited chapter 1100 is just around the corner, and hopefully, we’ll see our Straw Hats coming back and kicking some well-deserved (and hopefully elder-ly) backs.

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