Loki has been secretly manipulating the multiverse and these 4 MCU moments are proof

Loki has been secretly manipulating the multiverse and these 4 MCU moments are proof

For those yet to get tangled in the concept of multiverse and how time has no beginning or end, Loki is just perched on a golden time throne. But those who know how the new God of Stories now has control over the whole of existence and time — do you really believe Loki has not used his powers to battle the threat he sacrificed himself to temporarily defeat?

There is already a very high probability that Loki’s recent “promotion” is the reason why the Time Stone is green, which effectively re-confirms that while he might have just become the God of Stories, the infinite and seamless flow of time affords him the luxury of controlling it at whatever point he pleases — past, present, or future.

This triggered a new, very plausible, possibility — has Loki been tampering with certain outcomes, especially ones that are connected or will directly connect to Kang and his variants, and their nefarious multiversal plots, or whatever comes after him (in case rumors of Marvel cutting ties with Jonathan Majors are true)? 

If we believe that Marvel has been cunning enough to deliberately give the Time Stone — which debuted way back in 2016 — its green hue to match Loki’s glowing jade-colored powers, which keep the multiverse alive and kicking, what else has happened lately that has the God of Mischief written all over it?

None of the good guys died in Ant-Man 3, while Kang got dispatched with insulting ease

Photo via Marvel Studios

Now, the heroes beating a villain and escaping unscathed is not new in the MCU. But Kang was presented as a baddie more powerful than Thanos, and definitely mightier than Ultron, and yet it took all the Avengers and many more to bring both down. 

In Quantumania, we have a bunch of high-functioning super suits that are nothing (underline it, highlight it, circle it) compared to Iron Man’s suits. They are donned by individuals who have never exhibited Tony-Stark-level intelligence and yet they still won — Hope finds Scott in time in the limitless Quantum Realm, their ants, who were somehow pulled into the Quantum Realm with them, just gained hyper-intelligence and evolved with astonishing speed, managed to find Pym, and defeated Kang. 

When Loki took centuries to master the technology of the Loom, no one else was privy to the time it took. For them, he suddenly seemed to possess the knowledge out of the blue. Sounds a lot like what the ants went through, eh? While he can’t make drastic changes to the timeline, he could probably lend enough time to the ones who need it the most.

The Harvest and G’iah

Screengrab via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Loki is the reason the Harvest exists, and G’iah managed to get all juiced up on it. Let me explain.

Secret Invasion’s biggest and most deadly flaw; things keep happening out of the blue, events whose existence should have been logically teased a long time ago, or at least from the beginning of the show. “The Harvest” containing the DNA of almost every superhero and supervillain in the MCU was the heaviest of all the last straws. We learn Fury collected it after the Battle of Earth in Endgame, and it somehow included the DNA of even those who were not present during the face-off against Thanos.

Loki could already control minds, and as the God of stories, he now controls time and all of existence. I mean, Fury has never been able to keep a secret to save his life and yet, he kept the Harvest close to his heart for so long? Or has a benevolent God, one who’s been secretly amassing a super army, already had G’iah in mind as the perfect super super powerful hero, and was the one to get all the needed DNA together, while craftily planting the illusion in Fury’s head that he did it all himself?

So, let’s say that either Marvel really messed up writing Secret Invasion, or come up here and join me in believing that Gravik keeping G’iah (who he thought was Fury) in the radiation chamber with him while administering the Harvest, or her somehow keeping up her human disguise even as the procedure forced Gravik to revert to his Skrull form, was a higher power intervening, and not the result of a poorly-penned script.

America Chavez suddenly masters her powers in Multiverse of Madness

Photo via Marvel Studios

… And this was after she consistently glitched around the multiverse, and never practiced to get it right. But suddenly, when Wanda is nearing her desperation-driven villainy, America manages to open a portal to the exact reality whose Wanda was tormented by the OG Scarlet Witch, was already aware of the latter’s agenda, and thus knew what to say to make her realize the error of her ways. Felt more like “someone” who is already controlling every single reality out there, and was the one who made it happen.

Maybe Loki wanted Chavez to survive and aid in the impending multiversal war, knowing that she will come in handy while he is busy holding together the, well, whole of existence. Or maybe, he wanted the alternate Wanda to realize her true potential as the Scarlet Witch, and with the OG version seemingly dead in the MCU, the burden became hers to master the Darkhold, but without letting it control her like it did the heartbroken Earth-616 Wanda.

The re-birth of Love

Photo via Marvel Studios

Now, there is no making sense of Jane’s ear-bleeding penchant for phrases (“Eat my hammer,” anyone?) in the film or well, attributing sense to any of Thor: Love and Thunder’s nonsensical twists. But perhaps the entity Eternity bringing a superpowered Love back to life could be explained, if we bring Loki into the picture.

Towards the end of Love and Thunder, Thor, Gorr, and the steadily weakening Jane are at Eternity’s altar, but suddenly all of them are strangely whisked to the entity’s realm. Here, Gorr, after realizing the destruction he caused, chose to die a good man and asked instead for Love to be reborn, who is born with superpowers that for now, even at her young age, seem ready to trump that of Thor’s. I wonder who else this “coincidentally” reborn Love can beat — Kang, anyone?

This is just us looking at recent developments. Wonder what we will unearth if we dare to unravel the threads of the MCU from its very inception?

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