LEGO x Fortnite collab rumors and confirmations

LEGO x Fortnite collab rumors and confirmations

Could it be true? Two of the most famous properties around – LEGO and Fortnite, are collaborating? What would such a collaboration look like? Would it be Fortnite characters in LEGO form in the game? LEGO sets based on Fortnite? There are all kinds of rumors floating around, so let’s get to the truth here.

Early in the day on Nov. 21, LEGO’s official X account posted a photo of the popular Supply Llama in LEGO form, with the “thinking” emoji and nothing else. Obviously, this got everyone in a tizzy over the potential of a collaboration.

Are LEGO and Fortnite collaborating?

Photo via X

LEGO is no stranger to collaborations, and video game collaborations in general. Over the years, there have been collaborations with Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, and The Incredibles, to name a few.

When you think about it this way, it feels like a team-up between the two was inevitable. It’s looking more and more like that day is upon us. A few days ago, we got a Fortnite leak saying that LEGO will join Fortnite on Dec. 7.

Per an X post from HYPEX, the collaboration will have a bunch of characteristics, including:

Playing as an actual LEGO character

A LEGO Stud Gun

A building tool with 9 slots (and a creative mode)

Beds to sleep on to restore HP

Vendors that sell items, Camps to sleep and Enemies to fight

New movements

Emotion reactions like Sad, Surprised, Worried (etc.)

Crafting, and an inventory

Movement that includes Sliding, Swimming, Gliding, Flying, Running, Walking and Falling (with Fall Damage)

A lot of commenters pointed out the similarities to another popular game. “Minecraft but made out of Lego but in Fortnite,” one said.

Regardless, we can look at the Supply Llama post as confirmation that something is indeed on the horizon. Very exciting! While it’s extremely likely we’ll see LEGO in the game, there’s also a very strong possibility that we’ll be getting Fortnite LEGO sets in the future as well.

This would probably include the most popular and iconic Fortnite locations, like Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, or even Loot Lake.

At this point, what hasn’t Fortnite collaborated with? In the past season alone, we’ve seen collabs with Lewis Hamilton of F1 fame, Eleven from Stranger Things, Alan Wake from the very popular video game, and even Todoroki, Eijiro and Mina vrom My Hero Academia.

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