Is Mizu from ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ gay?

Is Mizu from ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ gay?

Blue Eye Samurai may not have gotten the hype it deserved when Netflix quietly dropped season 1, but now that its popularity is increasing, people have questions.

The animated series follows Mizu, an experienced sword-fighter on a bloody quest for revenge. To accomplish her goal, though, she must hide her true identity, and most of all, her blue eyes. Naturally, the intriguing premise has gotten many folks talking, and as more and more dive into the story, some questions start arising. One of the most asked, though, pertains to the main character’s sexual orientation.

It’s easy to see where this question comes from. Mizu dresses in men’s clothes and portrays herself as one, which in addition to her cold, calculating, and dismissive personality, has led some viewers to wonder if she’s gay. While it’s understandable for people to wonder about a character’s sexuality, it’s also important to recognize that this is a question based on stereotypes, which could be harmful if we were talking about a real person, instead of a fictional character.

Does a woman having physical and/or mental attributes typically associated with the masculine gender make her queer? No, not necessarily. As time goes by, more and more people get comfortable with breaking traditional gender norms, and that doesn’t automatically tell us something about their sexual orientation. Still, there’s no harm in being curious about Mizu’s and wanting an answer.

What is Mizu’s sexuality in Blue Eye Samurai?

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We don’t know what Mizu’s sexual orientation is, as it’s never mentioned in season 1 of Blue Eye Samurai. That said, it’s clear that Mizu and her former husband, Mikio, fell in love even though their marriage didn’t start for the best of reasons. It also didn’t end well, but that’s neither here nor there. What matters is that thanks to this bit of information, it’s safe to assume that Mizu is at least romantically attracted to men, and likely not gay.

Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean that she’s straight either. Mizu may be bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or something else entirely, and without an on-screen confirmation, or a word from the people involved in the show, it’s impossible to know for sure.

Maybe if Netflix decides to green-light the show for more seasons we’ll get the answers we seek. While fans wait, though, they can always rewatch the eight-episode first season we were graced with. Blue Eye Samurai is a good enough show to be watched a second time without boring its viewers.

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