Is Andrew Garfield married?

Is Andrew Garfield married?

Love has been knocking on celebrities’ doors lately, even if 2023 was a year full of heartbreak and goodbyes for our favorite celebrity couples. Thankfully, Andrew Garfield seems to have stayed away from all the love commotion.

Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few sides of Garfield. We’ve known him as Spider-Man, as Eduardo Saverin, and even as a Portuguese Catholic missionary, but perhaps his best version is a Garfield in love, and for years, Emma Stone and Garfield were everyone’s favorite item, with their on-screen romance becoming evidently more real with each passing day.

However, since their very public relationship and break up, the actor has remained somewhat of a mystery when it comes to his personal life. As much as we all root for a certain Amelia Dimoldenberg, apparently, his life has gone on a completely different route.

Is Andrew Garfield dating anyone?

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According to The Sun, Garfield has been dating Phoebe Dynevor since 2022, but there’s no indication that the two have gotten married. In fact, neither Dynevor nor Garfield have come forward confirming the relationship, but they haven’t exactly kept it entirely hidden either.

Last year, Dynevor and Garfield were allegedly spotted cozying up together at the GQ Man of the Year awards in mid-November. Since then, the two have remained incredibly low-key but as it seems, the Bridgerton actress and Garfield have remained by each other’s side – even if we may never have vivid proof of their relationship.

Sadly, if you were hoping that by now they’d have progressed beyond being just boyfriend and girlfriend, you might need to wait a bit longer, because the actor doesn’t seem keen on tying the knot – just yet. Who knows, maybe the future will be a bit kinder to our favorite former Spider-Man.

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