How much illegal material did Jared Fogle have in his possession?

How much illegal material did Jared Fogle have in his possession?

Warning: The following article contains mentions of explicit themes and child sexual abuse material. Please read with caution.

At one point in time, Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle was the face of a fast food franchise, and one of the most popular figures in mainstream media, although it all came crashing down when Fogle was revealed to be a sexual predator. But how much illegal child sexual abuse material (CSAM, legally known as child pornography in the U.S.) did Fogle actually have in his possession?

During the early 2000s, Fogle was a media megatsar, appearing in various Subway commercials alongside celebrities, athletes, and worst of all… children. As the official spokesperson for Subway, Fogle was continuously around children at local schools, hospitals, and charity events, persuading children to eat better and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent childhood obesity. At the same time, Fogle was hiding a horrific dark secret as a child predator with a large collection of child pornography. 

The illegal material Fogle possessed, explained

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Upon Fogle being arrested and his home being raided, authorities reportedly found nearly 400 videos and pictures documenting child sex abuse. Due to the large amount of CP that Fogle possessed, the numbers were so astronomical that authorities examined the photos and videos that were uncovered as 5TB, with the TB denoting terabyte, or trillion bytes. It’s a staggeringly enormous amount of material.

The hundreds of videos and photo files were found on Fogle’s computer under flash drives, memory cards, and even DVDs. Authorities also discovered that Fogle was involved in this activity with Russell Taylor, a friend of Fogle’s who also served as a director for his nonprofit organization.

At the time of this writing, Fogle is currently serving his sentence at Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood, with his earliest possible date for parole being March 24, 2029.

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