Aussie couple injured in bus crash in the Amazon trying to get home

Aussie couple injured in bus crash in the Amazon trying to get home

A Brisbane couple who survived a horror bus crash in the South American jungle are pleading for help to get home so they can have their injuries treated.

While deep in the Amazonian jungle in Peru on November 12, the tour bus Stephanie and Jason Rowe were on rolled down a cliff.

The vehicle flipped three times before eventually coming to a stop just metres from the raging Amazon River.

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“I’m going, ‘we’re dead, we’re not coming back, this is how I die, this is how we all die’,” Mrs Rowe said of the moment the crash happened.

Mr Rowe was one of the passengers knocked unconscious during the accident.

“He flew into the windscreen and got knocked out and he was out for about 25 minutes,” Mrs Rowe said, with her husband adding that he recalls “some people were under piles of chairs”.

Somehow everyone on board the bus survived and managed to climb up the slippery hillside.

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“There’s people all over the ground, people had broken their arms, people were going into shock,” Mrs Rowe said.

The Queensland couple are now pleading for help to get home so they can get their injuries properly diagnosed and treated.

They’ve been to two hospitals a nine-hour drive apart, but Mr Rowe still has not been able to get scans of his injured head.

“They were like, ‘there’s something wrong with your neck, your neck’s wonky, and there’s something wrong with your arm’. And that’s all they told us,” Mrs Rowe said.

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The pair are in the Peruvian capital Lima and their travel insurance had booked them a flight home from Lima via Chile and Auckland, however there was an issue.

They needed Chilean visas for the short layover and have not been able to secure them.

“Here we are waiting, in severe pain,” Mrs Rowe said. 

“We have no idea what’s wrong with us. We are freakin’ in Lima, praying that someone will do something so that we can get home.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed it was providing consular assistance.

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