Are Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler from ‘Love Island Games’ still together?

Are Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler from ‘Love Island Games’ still together?

Premiering on November 1 and concluding on November 21 on Peacock, the inaugural season of Love Island Games was one to remember, with everyone’s favorite duo, Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler, prevailing as the champions — leaving with a massive cash prize, as well as love, they seriously won big!

For those who are unfamiliar with Love Island Games, the show gives former contestants from international iterations of Love Island (from Love Island: USA to Love Island: UK to Love Island: Australia and beyond) “a second shot at love as they compete in a brand-new format to be crowned champions of Love Island Games. In this cheeky new iteration, romance will meet reality as fan-favorite islanders are faced with both team and couples’ challenges, all while navigating dating, eliminations, recoupling, dramatic arrivals, and new competition twists and turns like never before,” according to the network.

As mentioned, beating threats like Aurelia Lamprecht, Johnny Middlebrooks, Deb Chubb, and Callum Hole in the final duel, Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler emerged as the champions of the inaugural season of Love Island Games, to the delight of fans from coast to coast.

“Justine and Jack won BIG #LoveIslandGames,” one fan wrote.

Another dished, “Glad Jack & Justine won!! As they should. #LoveIslandGames”

“Honestly, I don’t give a f**k what happens between Jack and Justine after Love Island. As long as they won and I got to witness her experience real love, that’s good enough for me #LoveIslandGames,” shared a third.

As for their journey on the show, Justine and Jack coupled up with one another on the first day in the villa (despite having different partners for the first challenge of the season, where Justine was partnered with Curtis Pritchard and Jack was partnered with Cely Vazquez), remaining faithful to one another until the very end. Because of this, the duo began to develop feelings for one another, making their overall partnership and teamwork significantly better than their opponents, ultimately leading to their victory.

Contrary to popular belief, neither one of them came into Love Island Games with the goal to find their perfect match, but after going to fancy dinners together, attending sporting events together, hitting the clubs together, and more after the show, it looks like Justine and Jack are still extremely connected beyond Love Island Games.

Naturally, fans of the Love Island franchise have just one burning question — did they ever make their relationship status official?

Keep scrolling to see what the two lovebirds had to say in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter

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Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler spilled all of the tea when asked by The Hollywood Reporter, “I know you both didn’t make your relationship official in the villa, so where does your current relationship status stand?”

While neither Justine nor Jack could confirm that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, the former gushed that their current relationship status is simply “doing their best.” Love Island Games viewers, have no fear — the door is not entirely closed yet!

“I feel like we live so far away from each other, so right now we’re just 100 percent doing our best,” Justine dished, just moments before Jack dove into the details.

He revealed, “It’s hard because I’ve obviously got work in London. That’s where my family is and all the rest of it, and obviously, Justine is here, so there’s a big bit of water in between us.”

Despite a massive time difference, Justine and Jack confirmed that they still talk to each other every day, from texting to calling to FaceTiming and beyond — how sweet is that?

“I know some parts of the show were quite difficult for us both, so I think we’ve just tried our best to be there for each other more than anything, but no, we’re trying our damn best… Most people, I feel like when they win Love Island, they try and force it. They try and force, ‘Yeah, we’re together, we’ve got two kids and we’re married and whatever,’ but like we are literally taking day by day and enjoying each other’s time,” Jack confirmed once and for all.

Nonetheless, It is safe to say we will be keeping up with both Justine and Jack on Instagram to see where their relationship goes from here — fingers crossed that this is a forever kind of love!

To watch Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler’s journey on Love Island Games from start to finish, fans of the Love Island franchise can watch the entirety of the beloved competition series on Peacock.

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