Owner of ‘haunted’ Cheshire pub says he lives in fear after ghosts have gotten violent

Owner of ‘haunted’ Cheshire pub says he lives in fear after ghosts have gotten violent

Nigel Ramsay lives in fear of his haunted pub (Picture: MEN)

The manager of a haunted country pub says he lives in fear after spooky happenings have escalated in his historic business.

Nigel Ramsay took over the running of The Crown Inn in the idyllic village of Lower Peover, Cheshire, earlier this year, but the spirits of the bar have been making his life a living hell.

In March, a metal bar over a doorway smashed his head and landed him in hospital with a brain bleed.

After recovering, he returned to the pub, but now Mr Ramsay, 59, has experienced a series of ‘unexplained’ happenings.

From a stool collapsing beneath him to glasses swaying on their own and even a TV remote flying across the bar, Mr Ramsay now lives in fear of his pub.

He approached Cheshire psychic Deborah Davies, who offered to conduct a ghost investigation with Linzi Steer from Ghosts of Britain.

He was hospitalised with a brain bleed from one of the ‘hauntings’ (Picture: MEN)

Paranormal specialists advised him to not go in the pub alone (Picture: MEN)

The results have terrified Mr Ramsay, when former Real Housewives of Cheshire star Ms Davies, known as the ‘Ghost Whisperer’, said she ‘had to go back and clear the place’ after hearing the ‘most chilling EVP [electronic voice phenomenon recording] that I have ever heard in my entire life’.

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Ms Davies has advised Mr Ramsay that he should not be alone in the pub, after looking into the history of the area and finding disturbing facts.

They believe a ghost of a young girl was murdered 200 years ago in the village is haunting the pub, alongside the ghost of a ‘nasty’ man who murdered the child.

Mr Ramsay said: ‘We hear “shh shh” noises when we go through doors. We see glasses swinging on their own for no apparent reason.

‘I found out that a young girl named Maria Rathbone died here in December 1821, Little Girl Lost was the story. She was basically sent to the shop in the frozen winter and got lost, and no one would let her in.

‘She was found dead 400 yards from here still with bacon under her arm, she was just under eight years old.

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‘They found that she had perished to death. But when I sent this to Deborah Davies, she said she thinks the ghost is saying that she was murdered.’

But the investigation has shaken the pub owner to his core, as he’s a Roman Catholic who goes to church each week.

‘I didn’t believe in this sort of thing at all, it’s not my thing, but the investigation really changed my opinion on things. They had a voice recording and the little girl was saying she was murdered,’ he said.

‘It was kind of eerie, we heard lots of noises. But then the next day Deborah called and said “Nigel, do not be on your own”.’

The videos of the investigation have gone viral, and Mr Ramsay says that people are now messaging all the time asking if they can stay over at the pub to see the ghosts.

He laughed: ‘We don’t have rooms, but we serve up food every night of the week for guests wanting to come and join us.’

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