How old is Sir Patrick Stewart?

How old is Sir Patrick Stewart?

Sir Patrick Stewart has had an extraordinary career, which includes highlights from the world of British theatre to the vastness of Hollywood. From his first professional stage appearance in May of 1959 at the Theatre Royal, Bristo, playing a Cutpurse, to leading the starship Enterprise as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and bringing the wise and imposing Professor Charles Xavier to life in the X-Men film series, Stewart’s performances have cemented him as a renowned actor in our memories.

But without contrast, a good story cannot exist. At the age of 15, Sir Patrick Stewart supported himself by working as a newspaper reporter and obituary writer for the neighborhood newspaper. This is a solid case in favor of his unwavering enthusiasm for acting, as he left the job just a year later when his supervisor gave him the option to select acting or journalism.

Though it seems Stewart’s name is synonymous with fame, he took roles in many major television series without ever becoming a household name for many years. But as we all know, a single show came in 1987, two whole decades after his first TV debut, and made this “unknown British Shakespearean actor” Sir Patrick Stewart. So, how old is he now?

What is Sir Patrick Stewart’s age?

Patrick Stewart was born as the youngest child in the family of Alfred Stewart, who worked as a general laborer and a postman after initially serving as a regimental sergeant major in the British Army during World War II. His mother Gladys (née Barrowclough) worked in the textile industry as a weaver.

Their marriage brought the iconic legend we now know as Sir Patrick Stewart into the world on July 13th, 1940, in Mirfield, West Riding of Yorkshire.

At the age of 27, Stewart had his first TV appearance on Coronation Street as a fire officer after spending nearly eight years in several theatres. He’s currently 83 years old and has calmly accepted his advancing years while still inspiring audiences with his timeless ability and persistent enthusiasm for acting.

Sir Patrick Stewart’s remarkable ongoing career

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Over his remarkable career, Sir Patrick Stewart has earned numerous accolades recognizing his exceptional talent and contributions to the entertainment industry. In 2010, Stewart earned one of the most prestigious awards when Queen Elizabeth II knighted him for his contributions to drama. By that time, his name, already widely known, was given the honorific title “Sir”. Stewart’s substantial influence on the British theatre and cinema industries would now be considered truly legendary forever.

Regarding this honor, Stewart attributed his acting career to his English teacher at Crowlees Junior and Infant School, Cecil Dormand, who “put a copy of Shakespeare in [Stewart’s] hand” (via BBC) and told him to get up and perform. This was a small action by Dormand that has paid limitless dividends and touched countless legions of fans worldwide.

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Since then, has continued making appearances on Broadway and with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He’s also taken part in numerous movies, including three X-Men sequels, Ted and Ted 2, and most recently, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He’s done a lot of voice work, as a recurring character in Seth MacFarlane‘s American Dad.

However, one of his most iconic roles recently went through another successful run in the Star Trek series, Star Trek: Picard, which brought fans three seasons of nostalgia and further character development of Captain Picard. All three seasons of Star Trek: Picard can be streamed on Paramount Plus.

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