How old is Ezra Bridger in ‘Ahsoka?’

How old is Ezra Bridger in ‘Ahsoka?’

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for episode 6 of Star Wars: Ahsoka.

The long quest in search of Ezra Bridger has not been easy, but it finally came to an end in episode 6 of the Star Wars limited series, Ahsoka. Despite official confirmation that Eman Esfandi would be playing the live-action version of the character, speculation about when that would happen reigned supreme in fan spaces for a while.

In fact, some were doubtful that we’d be seeing Ezra’s return to the screen in season one. Thankfully, though, here we are.

As fans can recall, the character was seen in the finale of Star Wars Rebels, in which he sacrificed himself in order to guarantee Grand Admiral Thrawn’s defeat. At the time, Ezra was a young Jedi padawan, so it’s only normal for folks to be surprised at how much he has changed since then.

This, of course, also begs the question of exactly how old he is in the Disney Plus series.

What is Ezra’s age in Ahsoka?

Image via Disney Plus

Ezra Bridger is around 28 years old in Ahsoka. The character was first introduced in Star Wars Rebels at 15 years old, and throughout the seasons, audiences got to see him grow up and mature.

When season three of Rebels was released, Ezra was a 17-year-old teen, so if we take into account the decade-long search for him after the finale, we can easily conclude that he’s approximately 28 in the live-action.

It’s sad that fans had to wait until almost the end of Ahsoka season one to see this character again, but his reunion scene with Sabine was definitely worth the wait.

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