How old is Chris Evans’ wife, Alba Baptista?

How old is Chris Evans’ wife, Alba Baptista?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: Captain America is off the market. Whether the news of Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s nuptials filled your heart with joy or despair, there’s no denying that the end of Evans’ life as a single man will send shockwaves through his devout fanbase. Just don’t send the man hate mail, please. Leave him be to bask in his budding love life.

While there’s a fair bit we already know about Alba Baptista, being most commonly known as the lead in the canceled-then-revived Netflix series Warrior Nun, there may be a question lingering in your mind about the actress. How old is she? How old is Chris Evans? Is their age gap “DiCaprio-ish,” or fair play? Read on for all of the answers.

How old is Alba Baptista?

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Born in Lisbon, Portugal on July 10, 1997, Alba Baptista is 26 years of age. She and Evans went somewhat public with their relationship in late 2022, though they never really put on a big show in doing so.

As a matter of fact, confirmation of their involvement with one another was mostly conducted by internet sleuths stalking Instagram pages close to the couple. Not only that, but these same sleuths began examining the dates the pair followed one another on the platform. Hey, you do you, internet.

Is the age difference between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista concerning?

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Chris Evans celebrated his 42nd birthday in June 2023. With Baptista at 26, this puts the age gap between the pair at 16 years. You can draw your own conclusions about whether or not this is an off-putting difference – just know that at the end of the day, they’re both consenting adults who are clearly happy.

With that said, for those of you who are still perplexed, let’s put into practice an archaic age gap theory from a 1901 love manual by Max O’Rell, arguably popularized by Aziz Ansari’s character Tom Haverford in Parks and Recreation. This guideline, in case you’re not familiar with it, is that the maximum acceptable age gap is half of the man’s age, plus seven.

Applying this to Evans and Baptista, half of 42 plus seven is 28. If we’re abiding by this rule, Evans is clear from getting lumped in with Leonardo DiCaprio as a cradle-robber, by only two years.

So, with that cleared up, let’s raise a metaphorical glass to the happy couple; may they lead a long and happy life together. Alba, America’s a** is all yours now. Look after it and treat it well.

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