Could ‘Thanksgiving’ get a sequel?

Could ‘Thanksgiving’ get a sequel?

From an onslaught of inventive kills to a revenge-crazed villain, Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving has undoubtedly become a sure-fire Turkey Day hit as far as holiday slashers are concerned. But is a blood-stained sequel going to happen somewhere down the pipeline?

As of right now, Roth’s slasher extravaganza currently holds a Certified Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, with no-nonsense critics (and our own WGTC review) praising the whodunnit horror originally based on a parody trailer introduced in 2007’s Grindhouse. Centering around a masked killer targeting a group of people in Plymouth, Massachusetts, it certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise that a modern-day slasher as fresh as this has caught a tidal wave of attention.

So as moviegoers continue to embrace the horrific horror in theaters, many Roth fanatics and gorehounds are wondering whether or not a Thanksgiving follow-up could actually happen. 

Will Thanksgiving 2 actually happen?

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At the time of this writing, Thanksgiving 2 has not yet been officially confirmed, but one can only assume that a follow-up is coming after the success the horror flick has received thus far. This success is warranted, of course, with Roth’s passion project proving exactly why years of dedication put into a horror movie results in the best possible outcome.

But while no confirmation for a Thanksgiving sequel has been revealed, Roth insisted in a recent interview with that if the movie performs well (which it certainly is), he’d be open to continuing the story and expanding the blood-splattered narrative. This would surely be a surprise treat for horror fans, given that Roth doesn’t typically craft sequels. But when the time comes for a follow-up to your beloved passion project, what needs to be done is done.

And with the closing minutes of Thanksgiving pointing at the villain possibly still being alive, it almost feels like it’s only a matter of time until we see these gruesome kills again. I know I’m absolutely ready for a Thanksgiving sequel and the possibility of an entire franchise being born, and I know I’m definitely not alone.

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