Are Jess Losurdo and Johnny Middlebrooks on good terms after ‘Love Island Games’ drama? Their lovers to enemies trajectory, explained

Are Jess Losurdo and Johnny Middlebrooks on good terms after ‘Love Island Games’ drama? Their lovers to enemies trajectory, explained

Love Island Games has been gracing our television screens every day (except Saturdays) since its premiere on November 1, and fans of the franchise argue that this brand new competition series is the best iteration of Love Island to date.

Bringing together fan-favorite islanders from Love Island: UK, Love Island: USA, Love Island: Australia, and beyond, Love Island Games is unlike anything viewers have seen before, giving former contestants “a second shot at love as they compete in a brand-new format to be crowned champions of Love Island Games. In this cheeky new iteration, romance will meet reality as fan-favorite islanders are faced with both team and couples’ challenges, all while navigating dating, eliminations, recoupling, dramatic arrivals, and new competition twists and turns like never before.”

With stunners like Justine NdibaCely VazquezImani Wheeler, and more trying their luck at love (as well as a massive cash prize) for the second time, as well as beauties like Courtney BoernerZeta MorrisonDeb Chubb, and more arriving as bombshells every few episodes, this brand new competition show is jam-packed with familiar faces.

Representing Love Island: Australia ever since day one in the villa (alongside Callum Hole), Jess Losurdo‘s fiery personality captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, despite her failure to find her perfect match in the villa.

While the Sydney native was forced to couple up with Steph Blackos of Love Island: France to begin her Love Island Games journey (after falling short in the “All Spies On Me” challenge and picking her partner last), another islander caught her eye as soon as he arrived on day two — Johnny Middlebrooks of Love Island: USA, the ex-boyfriend of Cely Vazquez.

With Johnny choosing to partner up with Jess at the re-coupling ceremony on day 5 (ultimately blindsiding Liberty Poole, who he had been forming a connection with since his arrival), the re-coupling ceremony on day 10 was an entirely different story…

After hitting it off with Courtney Boerner from Love Island: USA (who arrived as a bombshell shortly before the re-coupling ceremony) Johnny decided to pair up with Courtney instead of Jess that fateful night, admitting that he had been “waiting” for her to enter the villa during his re-coupling speech — yikes!

Naturally Jess was not happy, being forced to partner up with her “good friend” Ray Gantt instead, ultimately delivering the most savage speech in Love Island history.

Exclaiming that she would rather be coupled up with Ray than a “f*****g snake,” Jess had some not-so nice things to say to Johnny.

“To find out through a re-coupling speech that you were waiting for someone to come in is f****d… You were cuddling me in bed, you were kissing me in bed, and you were telling me that you liked me. I f*****g knew that was b******t,” she dished.

Jess concluded passionately, “Your true colors really showed, Johnny. F*** you.”

With Jess failing to form a connection in the villa after her split from Johnny, she was ultimately eliminated on day 14 alongside her best friend, Tina Provis, but where do they stand now?

Keep scrolling to find out whether or not Jess Losurdo and Johnny Middlebrooks are on good terms post-filming…

Despite sharing some choice words with Johnny Middlebrooks at the re-coupling ceremony on day 10, Jess Losurdo is ultimately “at peace” with how her journey played out on Love Island Games, proceeding to reflect on her speech in an exclusive interview with The Messenger.

Admitting that she spoke to Johnny as soon as they were reunited at the hotel in Fiji, the pair “had a laugh about it, and then that’s it,” with Jess saying that she thinks her and Johnny are on good terms after all.

“I’ll pipe up real quick, but I get over it real quick,” she explained, revealing why the re-coupling ceremony got so hostile in the first place. “At the hotel, when were talking about it, we would laugh about it, but then he’d be like, ‘Well, why’d you go and do that?’ I was like, ‘Actions have consequences.’”

Jess concluded with a smile, “You don’t just go running and get away with it. You’re gonna have to cop it, and I have to get it out of my system.”

Since filming for Love Island Games wrapped, the pair has followed one another on Instagram, liking each other’s posts on numerous occasions — we are thrilled to see that the beef is squashed!

While Jess Losurdo has been greatly missed in the villa since her exit, fans of the Love Island franchise can catch new episodes of Love Island Games Sundays through Fridays on Peacock to see how the rest of the inaugural season unfolds — the finale is just days away!

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