Tom Brady apologizes to F1 driver for missing Las Vegas Grand Prix, provides words of encouragement

Tom Brady apologizes to F1 driver for missing Las Vegas Grand Prix, provides words of encouragement

Tom Brady may not have been at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, but he did offer a Formula One driver a FaceTime full of encouragement leading into the race early Sunday morning. 

Logan Sargeant, the 22-year-old American who drives for Williams Racing, received a FaceTime from Brady, which the team posted to its social media account. Brady was expected to be at the Grand Prix, among the many other celebrities and VIPs F1 wanted for its return to Las Vegas since the 1980s. 

“I heard you were meant to be here in Vegas, but we’ll do you proud,” Sargeant said after his qualifying race put Williams in seventh grid position for the Grand Prix, a great accomplishment for the rookie. 


“Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, but I’m definitely going to be watching and pulling for you, man,” Brady responded. “You had a great qualifying and I know you’re ready to go.”

Sargeant went on to tell Brady about how he would race in carting in Las Vegas earlier in his career, so to come full circle with F1 was “insane.”


“I know this is a huge race for you,” Brady added. “Big, kind of milestone moment for you and your career. Take it all in, my man. You don’t get this too often and I know you got a big, bright future ahead. Make the most of it and just go kick some a–. Enjoy it. 

“Give it your best shot, have fun, and whatever happens, man, you just got to learn from it. Win or lose, we are always in competition. We’re trying to learn from the good, learn from the bad, and try to do a little better as we go.”

Sargeant appreciated the words of wisdom from the NFL legend, and added that he hoped Brady could make it out to a race soon. 

“Believe me, I’m going to be there,” he responded. 

Brady was seen enjoying some me-time in Miami on the water, as he spotted using a “jet board,” which allows one to surf by simply using a remote control. 

As for Sargeant, he finished 16th in the Grand Prix with the always-favorite Max Verstappen finishing in first place to earn another 25 points. Sargeant’s 16th-place finish, unfortunately, didn’t earn his team any points. 

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