Storms loom for parched east coast

Storms loom for parched east coast

Heavy downpours, storms, and strong winds are coming for Australia’s east coast this week.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast that some parts of Queensland could see their most significant rainfall of the year.

Totals of 100mm are expected in places for the next week, to the relief of farmers and firefighters both.

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Rain is set to fall in the state’s south-east and on the bushfire-ravaged Darling Downs.

But the main focus of the trough will be further west, where more intense thunderstorms are expected.

Patchy showers are forecast for New South Wales as well.

On the opposite coast, Western Australia is expecting a major heatwave to expand throughout the week, Weatherzone reported.

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The worst heat is expected between Tuesday and Friday.

“Towns will swelter with temperatures peaking in the low 40s for Geraldton, high 30s for Perth, and mid 30s for Bunbury,” Weatherzone said.

“Nights between these hot days will remain uncomfortably hot, with minimum temperatures staying 6-10 degrees above average, as warm easterly winds continue overnight.”

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