Does Gwyneth Paltrow have kids?

Does Gwyneth Paltrow have kids?

The short answer: Yes. Gwyneth Paltrow has two biological children. Moses, named after a song that her ex-husband wrote for her, and Apple, named after, well, apples.

Paltrow had a few near misses with domesticity in the early days of her career. She was engaged to Brad Pitt in the mid-90s and had a long-running, on-again off-again relationship with Ben Affleck that looked precariously close to permanent.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s two children from her first marriage to Chris Martin

But it wasn’t until October 2002 that Paltrow fell in love with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, inspiring him to write the hit single “Fix You” about something he didn’t do. The two were married in December 2003, and on May 14, 2004, they welcomed their first child, Apple. Speaking with Oprah later that same year, she explained that the name was chosen on account of how she and Martin liked the name Apple. They thought it was cute. That is the whole story.

Two years later, in 2006, the couple welcomed a second child, Moses, named after Martin’s hit song – get this – “Moses.” Naming a child after your own published work is a joy that most non-celebrities will never understand. If the baby had been a girl, maybe they would’ve named her Moonlight and Valentino. 

Paltrow and Martin announced that they would be separating after more than a decade of marriage, with the news hitting the Goop newsletter in March 2014. The dissolution of the marriage was referred to as a “conscious uncoupling,” and helpfully described to fans of Paltrow by both her doctor and her dentist. Nonetheless, she and Martin have remained on good terms in the years since, with Paltrow praising her former partner’s dedication to their kids as recently as November 2023. She’s referred to what Martin brings to the table as “conscious co-parenting.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk’s kids

In 2018, Paltrow married again, this time to Glee producer Brad Falchuk. While the couple has no children of their own, they created a happy blended family, with Apple (19) and Moses (17) joined by Falchuk’s kids, Brody (17) and Isabella (19), helpfully the same ages as their new stepsiblings. 

Interested parties can check out Paltrow’s parenting rules thanks to her years of high-profile life advice, provided for a nominal fee through her line of Goop-brand publications. For all of the high-profile celebrity oddness, her tips on raising kids are astonishingly grounded and down to earth: No TV in English, make them swallow flaxseed oil before school, she and her ex-husband still do sleepovers. Ver Waltons stuff, I must say.

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