When is it revealed that Luffy is related to a key villain in ‘One Piece?’

When is it revealed that Luffy is related to a key villain in ‘One Piece?’

Warning: This article contains spoilers from One Piece.

Season one of the live-action One Piece series more or less faithfully adapted the source material, much to the delight of fans and critics alike. That being said, Netflix’s One Piece did make a few changes, including revealing this important character’s relationship to one of the Straw Hats much earlier than in both the anime and the manga.

Yes, the reveal that Vice-Admiral Garp is Monkey D. Luffy’s grandfather occurs much later than it does in the live-action. In the live-action, Garp is shown chasing down Luffy throughout the entire first season, with Luffy’s old friend and new Marine recruit Koby at the Vice-Admiral’s side. While some version of this chase does happen in the manga and anime, it’s mostly alluded to offscreen.

When do we find out Garp is Luffy’s grandfather in One Piece?

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In the Netflix show, Luffy reveals Garp is his grandfather in episode 4. The reveal happens when the Marines catch up to the Going Merry, shortly before the Straw Hats land at Baratie. The Straw Hats are, understandably, shocked by this revelation; long-time One Piece fans were also surprised since the reveal plays out differently in the manga and anime.

The Straw Hats first find out Garp is Luffy’s grandfather in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc (chapter 431 in the manga, and episodes 313/314 in the anime, respectively). It’s just as shocking of a revelation, especially after the Straw Hats faced off with the Marines shortly before Garp’s appearance.

It’s also the first time Koby and Helmeppo reunite with Luffy after undergoing some Marine training — Garp wants them to face off with Zoro, much to their dismay — and the first time Luffy’s father’s identity is revealed. Talk about an impressive family!

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