Moment Russians flee kamikaze tank filled with own explosives set for Ukraine

Moment Russians flee kamikaze tank filled with own explosives set for Ukraine

The Russian tank can be seen moving towards Ukranian positions before exploding into a fireball (Picture: East2West News)

This is the moment Russian soldiers fled their own tank filled with explosives in a kamikaze run at Ukrainian forces.

The shocking video shows an armoured MT-LB vehicle loaded up as a moving bomb and aimed at a Ukranian defence position.

But the desperate plan soon falls short as it appears to hit a landmine and explodes spectacularly ahead of its intended target.

The bungle is the latest sign of the depths Vladimir Putin’s men will go to to try and secure ground in the former Soviet country of Ukraine.

The Donetsk region, where the video is believed to have been filmed, has been under occupation since the war started back in February last year.

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In the video, a Russian soldier can be seen diving out of the tank and running away knowing full well how dangerous the payload is.

However, it falls short of its mission and explodes moments later.

The armoured vehicle had been loaded with two tons of TNT before being directed at the Ukrainian frontline, reported Krymskiy Veter Telegram channel.

‘The vehicle ran over an anti-tank mine – and caused an epic explosion,’ reported the news outlet.

One of the Russian soldiers can be seen fleeing the armoured vehicle minutes before it explodes(Picture: East2West News)

The explosive-filled tank detonates sending a huge burst of flames into the air (Picture: East2West News)

The MT-LB is a Soviet-era multi-purpose, fully amphibious tracked armoured vehicle.

The museum piece was originally built in Soviet Ukraine and dates to half a century ago.

It is one of several old crocks Putin had brought back to life due to a shortage of armoured vehicles.

The huge explosion can be seen from the air (Picture: East2West News)

In June, Russian forces claimed they had managed to blow up a stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of an MT-LB armoured personnel carrier packed full of explosives.

Elsewhere, Putin suffered a major blow on Thursday after a ‘kamikaze drone strike’ destroyed a missile base.

Meanwhile, the Russian leader’s £1,000,000,000 secret weapon has finally been revealed.

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